Women, Learn To Love Your Body

Do you have a body part that you are ashamed of or disconnected from? Do you have a body part that leads you to fearful thoughts of a scary diagnosis? Do you sometimes feel like your body has let you down?

I would estimate that most women on the planet can say YES to at least one of these questions.

Ladies, it’s time to learn to love your bodies!

A few weeks ago I challenged the women of Pink Tent to give themselves a daily Gift For The Goddess for 21 days…the catch? This was a gift they would give themselves.

Ideas included flowers, an Epson salt bath, witnessing a beautiful sunrise, meditation etc. This was meant to be a gift that wasn’t part of their daily routine. It needed to be something special.

In challenging women, I was hoping to teach them the practice of receiving and really creating a more luscious, juicy life.

Little did I know how this would teach me to love a body part of mine on a deeper level.

Last week, I bought myself a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses. After they started drooping, I pulled off the petals and floated them in a vase. And my final gift several days later was taking the petals I had saved in the refrigerator and created a Goddess Bath with my daughter, which consisted of rose petals, Epson salts, and rose water. We lit some candles and were transported to another place in a time filled with princesses, a queen and the silliness of a 9-year-old’s imagination.

We placed petals on our faces and told stories. As I laid back and relaxed, I found myself placing rose petals on my breasts. Intuitively, I knew it was a time that I could deeply connect to my femininity and the vulnerability I felt connected to my breasts.

Years ago, I remember finding a lump. I was so scared and even as I doctor, I just wanted to deny it was even there. I felt totally disconnected to my breasts, and every time I thought about it, my mind would immediately focus on the fear of it being breast cancer.

It took me months to finally get up the courage to tell my husband as I promised to get the lump checked.

The good news was that it was just a cyst and breast cysts run in my family.

I did a lot of work on healing them with primrose oil and exploring the impact of caffeine. I also did some healing energy work around fibrocystic breasts.

Years later, I remember breastfeeding my daughter and it definitely helped me to reconnect to my breasts in a more healthy, positive neuro association.

As I placed rose petals on my breast this past week, I realized that there still was some residual fear held in the tissue. In my mind’s eye, I imagined thanking my breasts and telling them I love them. I know the chest is often a place that women will hold onto blocked energy including fear.

This fear can later show up as abnormalities in the tissues of the body.

So, my gift to myself on that day was to love my breasts and my femininity on a deeper level and to let go and surrender even more on that Goddess Bath day. I also had the opportunity to teach my daughter to love her body on a deeper level. I told her that Mommy loves her healthy breasts!

What body part could you love more?

What would you be willing to do to let more love in?

What would you need to believe to love more of your body?

Please share in the comments below. Which body part are you committed to connecting more deeply to in a loving way?

A Goddess Bath

-rose petals

-Epson salts

-rose water

What a gift! You deserve it! Love your body

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