Dating A Woman with Herpes

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Dating A Woman With Herpes: At times I feel that my life had been ruined by my hsv..but interestingly, I have been on the dating website, OKCupid, and there is a question on the dating portion asking “would you date someone with herpes?” Remarkably, many interesting men responded with a “yes.” I am not the only one that has this, and neither are you. It’s made my life hell, but it’s not the end of the world. I contracted herpes by kissing a boy in college that had it. I was so sick I ended up in the hospital..then the quack doctor that I went to at the college clinic, offered me no information or advice on what it was. I ended up unknowingly infecting other partners. And spreading it all over my body, from lips to vaginal region. I get outbreaks all the time. And discovering anti viral medications was life changing..I have lived with hsv for 20 years.


  1. Herpes and Depression- Hating Myself and My Life says:

    I am 25 and I just found out I have HSV2, I am tremendously overwhelmed and cannot stop crying. I don’t know how I am going to tell my boyfriend of 10 months.. I don’t know if he gave it to me or if I had it dormant in my body this whole time? We have had unprotected sex several times since we’ve been dating.. I am hating life right.. I know he’s going to leave me once I tell him and blame me for giving it to him ( if he’s positive) because I have simplex 1. I do not ever see my self dating, again. I am shy and introverted as it is, and can not imagine telling someone this. I am going to the doctors tomorrow and I am going to have a difficult time telling the doctor about this. Why is life so hard, I don’t think I can honestly deal with this… I’ve been extremely depressed this past year due to a series of events and this just puts the icing on the cake.. I cannot stop crying.. I break down everywhere all the time since I found out, I cannot look at myself in the mirror the same. I am disgusted and horrified and see me living a life of complete solitude, which ultimately is a life not worth living.

  2. HSV1, contracted from a cold sore says:

    I contracted HSV1 on holiday with my boyfriends family. I thought it was cystitis for about a week, and a week of your first herpes outbreak can be terrifying and excruciatingly painful. I tried to hide my pain in front of his family but it was near impossible. I only found out it was herpes after two doctors visits and a trip to the hospital late at night. It was the second doctors visit that I found out…this doctor actually looked at me and instead of listening to me saying it felt like awful cystitis, she saw the many lesions and said she was horrified that I’d waited so long for a correct diagnosis.

    I started a course of acyclovir and it immediately started to clear up. Prior to the drugs, I tried covering the lesions in baking soda (very stingy at first and not long lasting enough) and having hot baths to soothe etc…because mine were soo bad at the time, I tried Vaseline. Just smeared it all over! It was fantastic. Stopped my underwear sticking to the lesions, stopped the rubbing and therefore helped me forget they were still there.

    I cried nearly everyday for two weeks after I was diagnosed. It’s a horrible thought that you are tainted or whatever for the rest of your life, and you think no one will ever be with you if they find out you have it. But the first outbreak is always the worst, and it’s likely to return once in a blue moon but nowhere near as bad. I managed to convince my doctors surgery to give me acyclovir on repeat prescription so I don’t need to wait days for it when I really need it! It also means you don’t have to speak to a nosy receptionist before the doctor and have to use the ‘H’ word. Embarrassing.

    Anyway, I get cystitis now and again, and every time I’m unsure whether it’s cystitis or the start of a herpes outbreak. Should I start a cycle of acyclovir regardless? I’ve had pain while peeing for 3 days now which is longer than usual…but no lesions.

    • Dr. Kelly says:

      First off, thank you for sharing your story! First thing I would do is focus on rebuilding your immunity. I explain this in detail in my new book . You could be having an outbreak without any lesions. One of my favorite natural remedies for cystitis is to drink 100% cranberry juice (unsweetened) diluted in water throughout the day. This will begin to alkalinize your body and it helps to clear out the urinary tract. I would also recommend probiotics. You could begin taking Acyclovir and see if it works for you. If it does, then you can assume that you are having an active outbreak without any lesions. The best defense for keeping herpes at bay in the long run is to rebuild your immunity.

      Live. Love. Thrive.
      Dr. Kelly

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  4. Veronica says:

    Hi I’m new to this and really need support. I just found out 2 weeks ago and I just sat in my car for 30 mins. I’m recently divorced…married 9 years and not sure when I contracted it. I do have a boyfriend and I’m pretty sure he has it. I believe I had a breakout at beginning of year because I was hurting “down there”. My doctor gave me a prescription but said to use during outbreak. I also had genital warts removed. I’m overwhelmed right now. Having to deal with both. They put some kind of acid like stuff on warts 4 days ago and they are no longer there. It looks a little pink in area. Anyway doctor prescribed Acyclovir. Can this be taken if you don’t have an outbreak?

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