Valentine’s Day- Living With Herpes

Valentine’s Day 2016- Living With Herpes

I can remember sitting all alone, wishing that I had someone to love on Valentine’s Day. While other women were going out on dates and relishing in their boxes of chocolate, I sat alone in my one bedroom apartment wishing that my life was different. 

free coupleWhat was wrong with me? Even though I knew I had a lot to share and give, I was living with herpes and thought that I was damaged goods.

So, how did my life get back on track?

I started to learn how to love myself unconditionally….loving all the parts of me…the good and the bad. I was human after all and realized that within the imperfections there was beauty and grace. There was vulnerability that at times brought me to my knees. 

Up until that time, I could hide behind my accolades and accomplishments in life, but deep down inside I thought that…

I wasn’t ENOUGH 

I wasn’t worthy of Sacred Love

I so much wanted a man to love me and to accept me for who I was, but there was a part of me that kept myself armored and protected. As soon as someone would get close enough, I would get scared and push them away. 

While I felt like I could be a warrior and make it on my own, I secretly wanted a man that I could totally surrender to… NOT one who controlled me, but one who would be there for me to lean on when things got shaky. I yearned for my “rock”. Not just in the sense of a diamond ring, although I could hear wedding bells in the distance, I wanted a MAN. A MAN of the 21st century. Gentle and kind and yet responsible, strong and stable.

valentinesAfter coaching women from all over the world, I have come to realize one main thing. We all desire to be loved and cherished, yet deep inside we think that we are unworthy of this love. So, as women, we often push our potential mates away in fear that we will be rejected. The short term pain of being alone is way more comfortable than exposing who we really are at the risk of being rejected. This is true whether you have herpes or not!

What if you are rejected? What does that mean?

It means what you tell yourself it means. Said another way, whatever you believe is true. 

Rejection can be looked upon as an opportunity for growth or an obstacle to love. 

You get to choose what it means and whatever you decide, it’s true.

Either you can date with herpes and find everlasting love or you can’t. YOU decide! Whichever you decide, your right!

Now, if you think that you can, but you don’t know HOW, I can teach you.

I know the SECRET FORMULA for dating successfully with herpes, but you have to take the next step.

Give yourself the gift of certainty that next Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate with someone you LOVE. Someone who is CRAZY about you.

Give yourself the gift of Love.

If I can find my SOUL MATE, get married and give birth to an amazing child, then so can you!

Live out your dreams today by deciding to embrace love this Valentine’s Day.

You are NOT a victim to your circumstances.


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