UTI, Cystitis or Herpes?

Hi, I’m 26 years old. I contracted a UTI in June 2011. I had 70-80 puss cells, hence a severe urinary infection. My urine culture report also showed bacteria > 1,00,000. After taking an antibiotic course for around 7 days my infection came down to around 1-2 puss cells and gradually the bacterial infection also subsided. This happened in 2 weeks time. However from then (June 2011) till date i.e 02nd Aug, 2013, i still get burning during urination, mainly pre – urination.

In July 2011 I did a herpes test and my report came back positive. It said HSV 1 1gg REACTIVE – the range for it to be negative was lesser than 0.8. My report was 38.3. Hence determining a VERY REACTIVE HERPES. I was on Tablet Zovirax then for 10 days. I felt absolutely ok with it. However within a week the burning came back. I visited several urologist from then (2011) till date, thats a span of 2 YEARS. I have done all possible tests with respect to by urinary system, including a cystoscopy as well.

All my reports are clear. It’s been 2 years now and my burning while urinating has not gone. So I went back and had another herpes test. It came to HSV 1 IGG 29.3 hence again positive. I did the test again after a week, as my doctor said it’s too high, so let’s do a test again to check. It came to 5.93 which was still high. I started Acyclovir 200mg 4 times a day. Within just 3 doses my burning completely disappeared for 2 days. However, I got my period and my burning started again. I completed my 10 day course and still my burning hasn’t gone away. However, I’m very confident the only thing that can help me is herpes medication. I’ve tried various other antibiotics based on urologists assumptions of this burning being some form of a cystitis.

Nothing ever worked. This was the second instance in 2 years which proved that herpes medication gave me temporary relief. I’m not sure how to go forward from here to determine if it is herpes causing this burning or not. As all other reports including blood reports are clear. Dysuria (painful urination) is one of the symptoms of herpes though. My first instance of herpes was when I was around 12 years old. I had an outbreak on my waist. From then till now I haven’t ever gotten an outbreak.

I’m married 2 years and my husband too has herpes HSV1 IGG, he usually gets an outbreak around his lips when he is stressed or due to a climatic change. He probably contracted it from me. I have written my story here with a lot of hope and hope im able to solicit some help from you. Thank you

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