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Unleash Your Feminine Power Within
Snow Mountain Ranch
September 20-23rd 2018
If you are a single sister of our “Secret Club” and you are on a healing journey, ready to  Unleash Your Feminine Power Within and manifest the LOVE of your LIFE....join Dr. Kelly Schuh... a doctor, healer, and Women's Transformational Coach on a retreat of a lifetime....
Unleash Your Feminine Power Within Retreat

Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado
September 20-23rd 2018

Reclaiming your feminine power...

You step on the fertile land and immediately your shoulders begin to drop as you start unwinding from your hectic life. You hear the Rocky Mountain wind gently caress the bright yellow aspen leaves as they quiver and dance in the last hours of summer.

It's a time for a change...
the leaves are changing
the weather is getting cooler
and its time to...

Let go of that scared little girl who feels all alone and has lost hope for love.

It's time to 

Unleash Your Feminine Power Within, so that you can Manifest the Love of your LIFE!


Tears well up as you begin to let go, surrendering and opening your heart to love again.

You feel safe and held in the sanctuary of the mountains and your new found sisters...

Cracking open, you are ready to leave behind your shame and fear of rejection, and open up to the hope and possibility of a new life filled with love.

The light of your soul begins to burn brighter as you look into the eyes of other women who know the pain of your journey.

You feel seen and heard in ways you never thought was possible. 

Confidence is emerging....


By the end of this retreat...

OMG!!! You have HOPE!!!!

In just 4 days you feel unstoppable in your ability to manifest love into your life!

You are CONFIDENT like never before!

You have PEACE with your past!
FAITH in the future!
LOVE in your heart!

You are remember who you really are and sing praises of joy to feel "normal" again!

Your spirit is soaring! 


Feeling Normal Again...

Feel so shameful and inauthentic, like you are leading a lie when you are dating?

How would it feel to stand in your truth and power, free to date like your authentic “normal” self? 

The truth will set you free!

In this retreat we are going to reconnect you with the truth of who you are using exercises like Dr. Kelly’s Letting The Light In exercise.  

You will reconnect with your radiance and roar your truth like a LIONESS.

When your Divine Feminine Power is “turned on” you will attract the exact kind of partner you want and keep them!

Leaving your past behind...

You say you want a life partner, but you never make time or space for them?

Is it easier to focus on your career and what you do best?

Would you make time and space in your busy schedule if you knew with absolute certainty that your Soul mate was out there? 

We've got you covered Sister!

You will be re evaluating what is truly most important to you and learn how to re align your life to reflect these values.

Most women choose to play it safe, and they wonder why their lives are depressing, lonely and unfulfilling.

Zip Lining through the Evergreens of the Rocky Mountains above 9000 feet with your Sacred will leave your past behind you and step over the threshold, saying YES to your dreams of love and partnership.

Feeling Sexy and Free.....

Feel like damaged goods and afraid to let a guy in?

What if you felt sexy, vibrant and confident in your body? Would you be wiling to open up to let love in?

We’ve got you covered! It’s time to Unleash your Feminine Power!

You CAN'T feel Sexy, Vibrant and Confident if you don’t feel Safe!

First and foremost, our Sacred Sisterhood will create a safe haven for you to heal on a deeper level than you ever thought was possible.

You will be surrounded by women who really understand you like no therapist, counselor or even best friend who doesn’t have ”H”  ever could.

Within this safe haven, we will be using dance, singing and sound healing to open up the lower chakras (energy centers) of the body.

Once these chakras are open and flowing, you will powerfully attract the love in your life you have been dreaming of! We will dance this dance of celebration of the New You during our Fire Ceremony

If you Act like a Queen, You Will Be Treated Like One!

Dating Like a Queen.....

Find yourself dating jerks who don’t treat you well and then you make excuses for them?

What would it look like to attract a partner who treated you like a queen and you knew wholeheartedly you deserved it?

People will treat us how we allow them to! It’s time to up your standards ladies!

At the heart of the matter is our limiting beliefs around what it would mean to “date up”.

This is important to you because after this retreat, you will have a totally new rule book for Dating Like A Queen.

Happily Ever After.....
Realizing that life is passing you by and worried that you’ll be single forever?

How exciting would it be to know that you have the power to re-write your story of happily ever after love.

Girl….where your focus goes, energy flows!  

During our Women’s Empowerment Circles, we will be divorcing your disempowering story of the lonely victim and replacing it with your new life filled with love and abundance.

You will leave this retreat with your new blueprint for living the life of your dreams!

Space Is Limited To 15 Fabulous Women- This WILL SELL OUT, so claim your spot today!


The Tale of the Pink Tent Yurts...

My first vision of Pink Tent came through years ago after having read the book The Red Tent. In my mind’s eye, I saw a tent where women gathered to support and uplift one another through the different cycles of our lives. In antiquity, women would gather during their menses and go to the red tent to get nourished and supported by other women of the tribe. Back then, we were all closer to the rhythms of nature and as such we often cycled through our menses together with the phases of the moon.

Last year I ran my first ½ marathon at Snow Mountain Ranch. The land truly felt like home. It was absolutely breathtaking with the aspens aglow in peak season. I felt totally in tune with nature and healed by her majestic beauty.

What if I could share this land with the women of Pink Tent I thought, as my family and I circled around the campfire?
I didn’t realize it at the time, but our Sisterhood retreat seed was planted and now it is time for the harvest.

That Red Tent of antiquity that we have been gathering in virtually will now be manifested in the Red Tents in the form of the red yurts of Snow Mountain Ranch.

It is in these yurts that our Sacred Sisterhood will form a special healing bond that stands the test of time.  The women’s circles, the circle of the yurt, and sleeping in a circular fashion represents the dissolution of rigid boundaries and limiting beliefs that have kept you held in bondage. 

This retreat will attract the compassionate, loving and understanding circle of women you have been yearning for. There is no cure but community and it is within this community that you will reclaim your inner goddess.

With Dr. Kelly’s facilitation, the energies of the Fall Equinox, the circle of sisters, the mountains, the women’s empowerment and healing workshops, yoga, fire ceremony, sound healing and meditation, you will enter a whole new world of hope and possibilities

When Sisters Circle, Magic Happens

Our Adventures of Healing...
Horseback riding: Horses are incredibly sensitive creatures. On this journey through the changing colors of the aspens, you will practice your new identity as the Queen. You will lead this creature with compassion AND confidence. The Queen is In Charge of her life!
Zip lining: Leaving your PAST behind  

Sound healing: restoring your sense of Safety, Creativity, Femininity, and Power 

Tubing: allowing the Princess to play

Yoga: honoring your body as a temple
Waterfall Hike: recalibrating to nature….opening up to flow
Meditation: restoring Peace and Balance

This retreat is for you if...

-You know you are a woman of power who is ready to sync her life with her soul's desire

-You want to step into Abundance Unleashed

-You’re willing to be vulnerable within a safe, sacred sisterhood

-You want to expand your heart and live from LOVE

-You value yourself and are willing to invest in your health and wellbeing

Our itinerary (a sample).....

Thursday September 20th, 2018

2:00PM transportation from Denver International To Snow Mountain Ranch

4 PM Arrival/ settling into the yurts/ Ground into the land

5 PM Dinner

6:30PM Opening Circle with Campfire and Smores

Friday September 21st, 2018

7 AM Yoga and Meditation

8 AM Breakfast

9:30 AM-11:30AM Workshop

12-1 Lunch

2PM Zip Lining

4 PM-6 PM Fall Foliage Rocky Mountain Guided Horseback Riding and Steak Dinner

7:30PM An evening of deep healing

Saturday September 22, 2018 Fall Equinox

7AM PJ Party Breakfast in Bed

8AM Waterfall Hike

9:30 AM-11:30 Workshop

12-1PM Lunch

2 PM Camp activities: might include summer tubing/rollerskating/ or arts and crafts

6 PM Dinner

7:30PM Fall Equinox Fire Ceremony

Sunday September 23rd, 2018 

7AM Morning Practice: Movement and Meditation

8AM Breakfast

9:30 Closing Ceremony

11-12 lunch and departure to DIA

2 PM DIA arrival

Come Play With Us
What's Included?
Women's Empowerment Circles

Fall Equinox Fire Ceremony and Smores

Fall Folliage Horseback Ride

Waterfall Hike

Sound Healing w/ Erica

PJ Party Breakfast

Zip Lining

Summer Tubing

Yoga and Meditation

4 Days of Women's Empowerment workshops, healing and play

3 Night Accommodations in the Red Tent Yurts of Snow Mountain Ranch

Transportation to and from the airport (designated times only!)

All meals starting Thursday at dinner and ending Sunday at lunch

1.5 Hour Fall Foliage Rocky Mountain Horseback Ride with Steak Dinner

Daily Yoga and Movement practices

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

A Fire Ceremony like no other

Zip Lining

Camp activities: which might include hiking, swimming, arts and crafts time, roller skating

Camp Fires

Pre Trip Group Call

Bed Linens

What Is NOT included....


-Souvenir shopping

-Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Dr. Kelly Schuh, DC
Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh, D.C., is an Amazon bestselling author, speaker, and transformational coach for women. Early in her adult life, Dr. Kelly’s life was forever changed when she contracted herpes. Determined to help women negotiate their lives while living with herpes, she openly shared her story in her 2013 release of Live, Love and Thrive with Herpes, a bestseller on Amazon. As the founder of the virtual community Pink Tent™ she is devoted to “Women Supporting Women with Herpes.” She is thrilled to be hosting her first retreat to help women rediscover their Sacred Divine Feminine Power.
Cheryl Martin, RN
My mother, Cheryl Martin, will be joining us in sisterhood. From a very young age, I can thank her for teaching me about my female body and how to love the body God gave me. I have witnessed her re invent herself many times several times in life. After retiring from private duty nursing, she started her own culinary school and later in life she became a certified ski instructor at Killington Ski Resort (8 hours from our home in Delaware). Hosting women’s ski retreats for years, she loves to empower women and to witness them overcoming their fears and standing in their power. I am so grateful to share her compassion and loving heart with all you ladies.
Erica Walters

Erica has been teaching restorative, yin & hatha yoga since 2014. Her style is nurturing and compassionate, providing a safe space for her students to accept the sweet invitation of their souls’ whisper to be awakened to the vibrancy, truth and abundant brilliance that resides in each of us, while finding balance, empowerment, peace and self-love through asana, pranayama and inspiring spoken and sung offerings from her heart. She specializes in teaching trauma sensitive yoga and children’s yoga. She earned her 500-EYT certification at Mindful and Embodied Yoga School in Salt Lake City, UT and has studied under many wonderful teachers along her journey.



The Investment to OWN Your Divine Feminine Power and Manifest LOVE into your LIFE
Retreat Pricing:

If you have noticed, there has been very little focus on H in the retreat. You might be wondering why.

It is my heartfelt wish that you can move beyond your diagnosis and transcend it. This retreat will provide you with exactly what you are wanting….to stand in your Divine Feminine Power and to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Please take one more step and allow me to be your guide in my backyard of the Rocky Mountains I love so much.

Space Is Limited


2 Spots Left-Claim your spot today!
Have Questions About The Retreat?
 Dr. Kelly can answer any questions. Email her

Any cancellation will result in a total loss of $500. We will refund you the remainder of any payment that was made.