Training Your Brain For Success

Training Your Brain For Success. I discovered yesterday that a woman who is 81 years old beat my time at the Bolder Boulder 10K Race over Memorial Day Weekend. I was so inspired! This woman ran a 10K in 57 minutes. How impressive. I immediately thought, I want to be that woman when I’m 81 years old. Others might have felt down on themselves, by instead I was uplifted and touched by her accomplishment. This was inspirational gold for me! She instantly became a role model for me. Role models are an excellent strategy to help you to create a life you love. Who are your role models? If you don’t have any, look around you and find some. You can also use characters from a book, a movie, a friend, a family member…pretty much anyone to model your life after. Think about how you might be similar or different from them. What new beliefs, values, attitudes, and habits could this person teach you either directly or indirectly. Train your brain to model your life after those you admire! #bolderboulder #peakperformance #DrKelly #trainyourbrain

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