This Made Me Cry Tears Of Joy

This made me cry tears of joy…
This past week, Sheila invited me to lunch to meet her fiance, Steve.

Just one year ago, I remember working with Sheila while she was on my retreat with a group of women committed to Unleashing Their Feminine Power.

She had just started seeing Steve, and was fearful that she might actually be falling in love.

Now mind you, I met Sheila back in 2015 when it appeared that her whole life was crumbling around her.

Her heart had been broken, her back was in a significant amount of pain, and her doctors couldn’t help her with a condition that she would have for life.

She shared with us how broken she felt.

We worked with Sheila to get her on the path of healing and self-love. In the beginning, she didn’t even think that she was worthy of love.

This summer, I got the news that she and Steve were engaged.

I was so excited for her and I knew she had finally found the love that she so desired.

Last week, she asked me a question that brought me to tears…..

Listen in as I share these two love bird stories.
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