The Power Of Pause

Are you honoring your feelings during this crisis or are you just stuffing them?

I almost didn’t do today’s #TransformationalTuesday call today because the inner rebel in me just didn’t want to show up.

From the time I awoke this morning till just before this call, I just felt anxious, sad and energetically off.

Instead of doing something more active like running, I allowed myself to Pause and tune into what my body really wanted, which was to light a candle and just be with it all.

So, that is exactly what I did.

I unraveled my new yoga mat, lit a candle, and pulled up a youtube yoga class.

When that didn’t quite do the trick, I climbed up into bed and pulled up an hour meditation, hoping to reconnect with myself.

In today’s #TransformationalTuesday, I streamed live from my bedroom to share a very special message with you.

Be sure to say “yes, pause” in the comments if you are tracking me and can connect.

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  1. I am losing the battle. My money still hasn’t come in. My birthday was ruined.I want to just go somewhere and cry. My entertainment is turning on these stupid death counts ,turning down the sound and reading the insults of people to the idiots running this all

    • Dr. Kelly says:

      I know these times are tough! I encourage you to consume inspiring and educational content that could lift you up. When was the last time you watched something that inspired you?

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