The First Step To Letting Love Into Your Life

Are you still attached to your past relationships? Wish you could turn back time and feel “normal” again? Suffering because your love life is not the way you planned? If your past does not define your future, how do we let go of it? We consciously choose to. In today’s Transformational Tuesday, we will talk about a powerful tool I use with my high end clients to let go of the past. The buddhist teachings point toward non attachment and yet this has always been challenging for me. Allow me share the first step to letting love into your life. #transformationalTuesday #surrenderyourshame #PinkTent #mariekondo


  1. This concept of vulnerability has come up 3 times today: listening to a TED talk, in a conversation with a friend (she’s determined to find me a girlfriend) and now here….. so hard and scary being vulnerable, but at the same time so courageous and it’s in our vulnerable times where transformation happens….. not there yet but working on it. Love the imagery of releasing the should haves, I get caught in that rabbit hole. Thank you ❤️

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