“The Charge” with Love

Happy Valentine’s Day all you lovers of life! I just had an awesome Valentine’s Day with my family. I baked Martha Stewart’s strawberry buttercream cupcakes, made homemade Valentine cards with my 2 year old daughter and prepared a fabulous surf and turf dinner. Needless to say my belly is full and my heart is bursting with love and gratitude.

I just opened Brendon Burchard’s latest email, presently surprised by a quote from his new book, “The Charge.” It spoke so loudly to me, I had to post it. While you may have had a more challenging day today, give yourself a hug and know that you were made in the image of God and you are amazing!

“When we have the guts to stand naked before the world as who we truly are, when we peer into the souls of those around us and finally see in them the image of the divine, when we plunge ourselves bravely and unconditionally into LOVE that has no bottom or boundary, then suddenly, magically, beautifully, we feel more alive.”

-Brendon Burchard

Cheers, to diving deeply in love with ourselves!

Live. Love. Thrive.

Dr. Kelly


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