Mrs. Lynn

Mrs. Lynn –

…“For a couple years now I have just been devastated and feeling absolutely hopeless. I had been through books, late nights on the computer, tried every ointment and pill and multiple doctors, but to no avail! I was miserable with herpes!!! Then I found Dr. Kelly and was able to experience some second to none life coaching.

It was during the sessions that my emotional healing began as well as my physical, she taught me they go hand-in-hand. We talked about all sorts of things because she has a holistic approach and a genuine love for people and women.

I could be here all day telling you about the benefits that I received from Dr Kelly and her insight, but instead I’ll just say it was well worth it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I’m now on my way to true healing !!! And no longer am hopeless, but full of hope and love myself. – Mrs. Lynn.