April M

April M –

“I recommend Dr. Kelly as a life coach; she’s an inspiring person to work with on a range of life issues.

When I was diagnosed with genital herpes a year ago, I decided that the way forward for me was to deepen my commitment to learning how to nurture my health and happiness.

Dr. Kelly’s work— her books, website and coaching— has become a valuable part of my support system. Personally, I’ve come to realize that it takes support to move beyond old self-defeating patterns and manifest a life that I love— it’s not something that happens in isolation.

Dr. Kelly is a superb resource for both practical and philosophical wisdom, her breadth of life knowledge offers nourishment for the body, mind and soul— and you know it’s real, because she has walked her talk. It’s great to get to work with someone who has actively created, and continues to create, her own best life.

I think Dr. Kelly has a gift for distilling her experiences into connected communication that helps people stand in their power.”

-April M.