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“I AM” Sums It All Up

“I AM” Sums It All Up

p8454277_p_v8_aaThis past weekend I watched the movie, I AM. It was both informative and inspirational. Two great questions were posed, “What is wrong with the world” and “How can we fix it”? In the end, it appears that the answer to all of our problems lies within one word, LOVE. Who would we be if we acted upon our true internal drive to give and receive love? This movie explains how we, the human race, are actually wired to cooperate and to act within the structure of a democracy, casting our votes as we move into the direction of our inner truth.

The question I must ask myself on a constant basis is. Am I moving in the direction of love or fear? How might you incorporate this question into your daily life?

Check out the trailer here!