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Is Your Inner Queen Rising? We NEED YOU!

Is your inner queen rising?

The patriarchal global system is falling and the queen is rising!

Is she rising in you?

If NOT, WE as a global world need it to.

This is a time of great collaboration, connection, and inner listening. No longer will we place profits over people.

Our feminine power is needed now more than ever.

Tune in on this #transformationaltuesday as I explore what it means to take ownership of your own Queendom and to take the keys to the abundance that is your birthright.

You are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

It is time to listen to the whispering of your Soul and figure out what it would mean for you to live like the authentic queen you truly are.
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Rising Above Uncertainty

As a whole, our lives have been totally changed by this Pandemic.

Daily, I have been asking the deeper questions to discover the silver linings of it all.

During these times of uncertainty, there will be people who rise above it and lean in, and others will greatly resist it all.

Lean in my sisters, Lean in!

We are all leaders in our own right, leading your own life, forging forward and many of you are leading others. Your children, family, friends, businesses, government etc.

What is being asked of us more than anything, is to cultivate flexibility in our ability to respond to this rapidly changing world.

Many of you are being faced with very challenging decisions that will impact you way beyond this crisis.

What will you do with your TIME and RESOURCES?

It is NOT the time to overthink things and yet it IS the time to get creative.

If you are faced with a difficult decision, you will LOVE today’s #TransformationalTuesday conversation.

I will give you a step by step basic frame work to move through these decisions and come out on top.

Leading with Love, because LOVE IS your DESTINY!

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Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body With Herpes?

Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body With Herpes?

Prisoner And Learner Mark Victor Hansen, co author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, taught me a very important lesson over a decade ago. He explained how you have the ability to overcome any past event by changing your perspective on it. It is normal to start out feeling like a victim and some remain in victim mode their entire lives. To feel victimized is part of the healing journey.

I certainly started there and it took me several years to move towards, and eventually embody, the victor. As you gain personal strength and emotional rebalancing, you can become a Victor. To be a victor means that you know you are more than your herpes and have powerfully decided to relate to the virus and your symptoms in a positive light. As you begin to take responsibility for everything in your life, you will move from Victim to Victor.  Take challenges and like a great alchemist, turn tragedy into triumph!

Start in your healing journey by sharing your story on our forum!