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Frequent Herpes Outbreaks? Omit These Nightshade Veggies

Frequent Herpes Outbreaks? Omit These Nightshade Veggies

If you suffer from herpes, not all vegetables are good for you. There are a class of vegetables called nightshades, which lead to inflammation and chronic muscle, joint and nerve pain. During outbreaks, it is important to omit night shade plants. Unfortunately, these vegetables tend to increase the inflammatory process making symptoms worse. When we have herpes lesions, the skin is already irritated and inflamed. The last thing you want to do is fuel the burning fire from within.

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?

If you are in outbreak mode or you are getting outbreaks frequently, I would avoid nightshade vegetables, fruits and spices.




Goji berries

Tomato based condiments

Hot sauce- I know. That’s a hard one to swallow. You must believe me when I say, you are better off without them.

Processed foods 

These hide nightshades in terms like “starch” and “natural flavoring”


Chili powder


Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body With Herpes?

Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body With Herpes?

Prisoner And Learner Mark Victor Hansen, co author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, taught me a very important lesson over a decade ago. He explained how you have the ability to overcome any past event by changing your perspective on it. It is normal to start out feeling like a victim and some remain in victim mode their entire lives. To feel victimized is part of the healing journey.

I certainly started there and it took me several years to move towards, and eventually embody, the victor. As you gain personal strength and emotional rebalancing, you can become a Victor. To be a victor means that you know you are more than your herpes and have powerfully decided to relate to the virus and your symptoms in a positive light. As you begin to take responsibility for everything in your life, you will move from Victim to Victor.  Take challenges and like a great alchemist, turn tragedy into triumph!

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