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Herpes 101

The Truth About Herpes

With all of the social stigmas surrounding herpes, it’s hard to distinguish what the facts truly are about the herpes virus. This video is a great herpes 101 resource to clear up some common misconceptions. I encourage you to watch it and comment your thoughts below!

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Dating A Woman with Herpes

Heart in Sand


Dating A Woman With Herpes: At times I feel that my life had been ruined by my hsv..but interestingly, I have been on the dating website, OKCupid, and there is a question on the dating portion asking “would you date someone with herpes?” Remarkably, many interesting men responded with a “yes.” I am not the only one that has this, and neither are you. It’s made my life hell, but it’s not the end of the world. I contracted herpes by kissing a boy in college that had it. I was so sick I ended up in the hospital..then the quack doctor that I went to at the college clinic, offered me no information or advice on what it was. I ended up unknowingly infecting other partners. And spreading it all over my body, from lips to vaginal region. I get outbreaks all the time. And discovering anti viral medications was life changing..I have lived with hsv for 20 years.

Are You At Risk For Herpes?

Are You At Risk For Herpes?

1in4peopleStatistically speaking, one in four people (a very conservative number) has herpes. That means then that for every four Americans you know, at least one of them has herpes. Are you ready to look at reality for what it is? Let’s create some compassion for those who have herpes and are suffering in silence. And for those of you who think you are so “pure”, if you get cold sores, you have herpes!  
If not, and you still don’t think you have herpes, only a blood test can determine that. If you are assuming that herpes is included in a standard STD test, think again. You have to specifically ask for this test. Statistics have also shown that up to 90% of people who thought they did not have herpes actually tested positive.
Creative Loafing published a great article on “Getting Real About Herpes”- check it out here and share with friends and family!