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Frequent Herpes Outbreaks? Omit These Nightshade Veggies

Frequent Herpes Outbreaks? Omit These Nightshade Veggies

If you suffer from herpes, not all vegetables are good for you. There are a class of vegetables called nightshades, which lead to inflammation and chronic muscle, joint and nerve pain. During outbreaks, it is important to omit night shade plants. Unfortunately, these vegetables tend to increase the inflammatory process making symptoms worse. When we have herpes lesions, the skin is already irritated and inflamed. The last thing you want to do is fuel the burning fire from within.

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?

If you are in outbreak mode or you are getting outbreaks frequently, I would avoid nightshade vegetables, fruits and spices.




Goji berries

Tomato based condiments

Hot sauce- I know. That’s a hard one to swallow. You must believe me when I say, you are better off without them.

Processed foods 

These hide nightshades in terms like “starch” and “natural flavoring”


Chili powder


Building Self Confidence


Building Self Confidence

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free  -Michelangelo

Take a moment and think of other challenges you have had in your life and how you overcame them. Make a list of the attributes you must have had in place to overcome these obstacles. Now, add to the list.  

The Things You Love About Yourself.  

3 Things you love about your body

3 Things you love about your mind

3 Things you love about your spirit

Write this on a different piece of paper and place it in an area of your home where you can see it daily. Get in touch with your inner angel, who is magnificent beyond measure and set her free to expect miracles in your life.

Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body With Herpes?

Feel Like A Prisoner In Your Own Body With Herpes?

Prisoner And Learner Mark Victor Hansen, co author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, taught me a very important lesson over a decade ago. He explained how you have the ability to overcome any past event by changing your perspective on it. It is normal to start out feeling like a victim and some remain in victim mode their entire lives. To feel victimized is part of the healing journey.

I certainly started there and it took me several years to move towards, and eventually embody, the victor. As you gain personal strength and emotional rebalancing, you can become a Victor. To be a victor means that you know you are more than your herpes and have powerfully decided to relate to the virus and your symptoms in a positive light. As you begin to take responsibility for everything in your life, you will move from Victim to Victor.  Take challenges and like a great alchemist, turn tragedy into triumph!

Start in your healing journey by sharing your story on our forum!

What Is A Healing Crisis?

What Is A Healing Crisis?

Time to HealA healing crisis occurs when there is an increase in physical and/or emotional symptoms, during times of intense healing. In the eyes of Western medicine, in general, healing is associated with a decrease in symptoms as opposed to an increase in symptoms. 

A healing crisis might seem a bit out of the ordinary because there will always be an increase in symptoms before one gets better- Even with herpes.  Let me give you an example to further explain the process. Your body is an accumulation of life experiences and emotions. Each and every experience you have ever had, on some level, has been stored in your body. So the saying goes, an elephant never forgets; neither does your body. Your body holds on to all of your life experiences, including diseases, illness, trauma and emotional turmoil . This is all well and good when your life is a box of chocolates, but what happens when crisis strikes?

During high levels of stress, your body begins to release different hormones than it does when things are going well. As the stress loads increase and the body can no longer handle it, the efficiency of your system as a whole begins to break down. Muscles get tight, immunity decreases, digestion slows, toxins begin to build up, brain function diminishes and your body goes into a break down mode, much like a car can break down on the side of the road. Each person responds to breakdown mode with different emotions.

This breakdown or crisis might lead to high blood pressure, low back pain, bouts of diarrhea, head aches, cancer or any number of illnesses. The breakdown could also be a mental breakdown or a bout of depression. Breakdown mode is like the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. In these situations, the body can no longer function as normal and the goal of the body is to have you do something different, eat better, sleep more, get more nutrients in your diet, change your body mechanics at work, decrease the stress in your life or whatever else has been accumulating as a stress in your life. During crisis mode, you can no longer ignore your symptoms and just put tape over your engine light that is blinking. This down time in crisis is often exactly what the doctor ordered for you to stop and begin listening to your body and healing.

Each major crisis in your life is stored like the layers of an onion, where the core is the beginning of your life and the outer onion ring is your most recent year. A good healer will begin working with the outermost, most recent layer of your life. This is often why you sought care in the first place.

If your symptom is something that has been chronic, it is most probably linked to an imbalance from times past. During intense holistic healing, the body begins to re pattern itself, so that new neural connections are made and balance is restored. These healing crisis symptoms are revealed in a reverse chronological order, much like pulling back the layers of an onion.

Let’s say that five years ago you had a bout of cancer and 15 years ago you broke your arm. In this case, a person might re experience the symptoms of cancer as the body completes that layer of healing. During this new layer of integration and healing, the body will begin to release toxins and emotions associated with the original trauma. In this case, maybe a rash might form as the body releases stored toxins from chemotherapy.

The next major healing crisis in your journey might appear as an increase in pain in your arm. Maybe your arm never fully repaired itself and now the body wants to address this injury because it has the available nutrients and energy. As the body build new neuronal pathways and breaks down scar tissue, you are left with an arm that is better than ever. The good news is that these healing crisis symptoms generally do not last for more than a few days or up to a week. It is not uncommon for emotions to also be released as the body reintegrates and heals. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines I have for you to distinguish a healing crisis from a new injury or a formula that does not work for you.

If you are just beginning to heal your herpes, be sure to give a remedy some time to work and don’t be surprised if your symptoms get worse before they get better. It is quite possible that the remedy or exercise might be causing the virus to be killed off in large numbers. This could lead to an increase in symptoms as your body attempts to push the virus out of your body from a dormant state. This COULD be a healing response, depending on your comfort level, make a change if you feel the need to try something different.

Herpes and Sexy Time Guidelines

Sexy Time Guidelines For Those With Herpes


blog-5If you have herpes, what should you do when things get hot and heavy? First and foremost, always tell your potential partner that you have herpes and don’t wait until the fits of passion hit. Here are some things you can do to help decrease your chances of infecting your partner.

  1. Refrain from intimate contact during outbreaks or at the onset of ANY symptoms including slight burning, itching, tingling…
  2. Do not use spermacides, condoms or diaphragm jelly with nonoxydol-9 (N-9). This is an ingredient which irritates the vagina and cervix, causing lesions and it increases the risk of herpes and other STI transmission.
  3. Beware of sexual enhancement gels/lotions because they are high in arginine (an amino acid which can trigger herpes outbreaks)
  4. No IUD’s- these irritate the cervix and can lead to copper toxicity
  5. Urinate after intercourse- this helps to flush residual bacteria, virus and foreign irritants from our internal anatomy
  6. Use a carageenan based gel for lubrication- carageenen is made from seaweeds. Studies show that it kills herpes, HIV, HPV and other STI’s on contact.
  7. Use a protective barrier- condoms, dental dams


Herpes Can Be Challenging

The Challenge Of Having Herpes

growthAs I sit here and watch my baby girl learn to crawl, I am reminded how difficult growth can be.  From a sitting position, she just fell flat on her face and is trying to figure out how to free herself up and move.  She grunts a few times…I watch as the frustration escalates to a cry.  Do I pick her up and make her comfortable again?  Although this is my initial thought, I hold myself back and decide to lay down beside her and encourage her to move through her challenging position.  As I gaze into her eyes and send love her way, her temperament shifts immediately.  She begins to push her feet away and unwind from a most precarious position.  I watch as she relaxes into what is uncomfortable and uses the energy to fuel her movement forward.  In no time she finds her tummy and is smiling once again.  

Growth is uncomfortable and in that moment I was reminded how I chose to facilitate her rather than pity and accommodate her initial desire to be “righted”.  As adults, we often forget the growing pains of learning how to be in the world.  How to crawl, walk, talk, feed ourselves, dress ourselves and discover how the world works.  The universe does conspire to support our personal growth and development.  Who would we be if we truly believed this to be true?  

I can remember the initial shock of discovering that I had herpes.  I felt like my life was over, that no one would ever love me again.  AND… at the same time I wrote in my journal “I must learn from this and turn this horrible fate into something positive.”  So here I am, 14 years later turning this fate around into something that will help millions of women with herpes heal from the inside out.   There is definitely a learning curve when you are first diagnosed with herpes.  Take this time to learn all that you can and to turn inward.  It is only from deep within that you might be able to see the gifts of herpes.  This might sound strange, but think outside of the box.  Might you learn radical forgiveness and self love?  If so, these teachings will positively affect every area of your life.  

Allow me to join you on your journey of personal growth and transformation.  I will encourage you to push through the pain to learn the gifts on the other side.  Commit to living an extraordinary life.  I will be standing right next to you, encouraging you to take your next steps.  You can learn to live, love, and thrive.

Dr. Kelly

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