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The Power of Pause


Are you honoring your feelings during this crisis or are you just stuffing them?

I almost didn’t do today’s #TransformationalTuesday call today because the inner rebel in me just didn’t want to show up.

From the time I awoke this morning till just before this call, I just felt anxious, sad and energetically off.

Instead of doing something more active like running, I allowed myself to Pause and tune into what my body really wanted, which was to light a candle and just be with it all.

So, that is exactly what I did.

I unraveled my new yoga mat, lit a candle, and pulled up a youtube yoga class.

When that didn’t quite do the trick, I climbed up into bed and pulled up an hour meditation, hoping to reconnect with myself.

In today’s #TransformationalTuesday, I streamed live from my bedroom to share a very special message with you.

Be sure to say “yes, pause” in the comments if you are tracking me and can connect.

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