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National Herpes Awareness Day- 2014 Oral Herpes Kissing Campaign

Kissing coupleNational Herpes Awareness Day

There are many of you who probably never knew that there would be a National Herpes Awareness Day, but it’s true. It’s tomorrow, October 13, and it has been recognized since 2004 by the Australian Herpes Management Forum (AHMF).

This year, they have on kissing and oral herpes. Did you know that genital herpes can be acquired by receiving oral sex from someone who has a cold sore,  fever blister or oral herpes? In fact, the incidence of genital herpes caused by Herpes Simplex 1 (HSV!), the virus which causes cold sores, is the source of over 50% of new genital herpes cases.

This year, the AHMF has used tv commercials of all sorts of people kissing; men kissing women, women kissing women, women kissing men and men kissing men to increase the awareness of the campaign. As of now, it is not clear whether oral herpes and the kissing campaign has actually increased awareness in Australia, let alone America. But with more women who have herpes than breast cancer, herpes is something that we need to be talking about and Pink Tent is committed to raising public awareness.

No longer do women need to scream in silence. If you want to learn more about herpes and my story of becoming the female face of this stigmatizing infection, read Affect Magazine’s feature interview with me.

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