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The CURE For Herpes Has Been Found!

As I share this, so many of you will think this is it! All my problems have gone away now that THIS happened.

The truth is, is that many women are just waiting for the cure to “save” them. They spend hours and hours a day searching for the cure online only to find themselves exhausted and depressed.

That’s not to say that there are many “herbalists” who claim that they have the cure.

I have been working with women with herpes and have written an Amazon bestselling book, “Live, Love and Thrive with Herpes: A Holistic Guide for Women” and I have yet to find a legit “cure.”

Many years ago, there was an article written for Pink Tent called “There Is No Cure but Community,” and I really stood by that which is why I initially created Pink Tent as a healing place for women.

Unfortunately, I watch as the years slowly pass by and women are still waiting on the sidelines waiting for their “real life” to begin.

So many women think “the cure” will solve all of their problems.

Listen in to this call today as I share the C.U.R.E., an acronym for getting your life back after a herpes diagnosis.

I don’t have the medical cure, and so far neither do the scientists and researchers.

Please don’t believe the scams online as many of them can be harmful to your health AND your pocket book.

What I will provide in this #TransformationalTuesday is hope so that you can get your LIFE back.

I will give you the C.U.R.E and if you take it to heart, you can fill your heart’s desire for more vibrant health, healing, love and partnership.

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


21 Gifts For The Goddess: A teaching from LUSH

Have you ever been to LUSH? I had an Oprah Winfrey a ha moment in LUSH this weekend with my daughter. I’ll be sharing with you today how their motto and my whole experience with a seashell bath bomb opened up a new world for me and it will for you too. In today’s conversation that will help you own your Inner Goddess, we will be sharing the 21 Gifts Of The Goddess. This has NOTHING to do with LUSH and EVERYTHING to do with LUSH. Know their motto?…I’ll share it with you as it is totally awesome…hint…it’s about LOVE. I just had an ah ha moment this weekend while saying YES to a seashell shaped bath bomb that felt gritty like the sand, shimmered like gold in a basin of water, smelled like the sea and left me hungry for more.

Listen in to today’s #TransformationalTuesday as we discuss…

-Rewiring your brain to enjoy pleasure without feeling guilty

-How to practice the art of receiving, even when you don’t feel worthy of it

-The art of doing nothing and how it can reset your thermostat for love

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


Grounding Your Energy During Unexpected Challenging Changes

Change can come on fast and can produce lots of anxiety, hopelessness and disappointment. We had a winter storm in Boulder in May. It uprooted and destroyed many trees, beautiful flowers, and plants.Nature is such a great teacher. Join us in today’s #TransformationalTuesday to learn what you can do when unexpected change comes your way. #grounding #peace #coaching #drkelly #deeproots #perpspective #springstorm #whenstormscome #findstrength #relationshipcoach #roottorise #deepandwide #groundingexercise #girlsleadership #whenthingsfallapart #faith #unstoppable #goddessquiz
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Break The Stigma Day: My Story and One Big Thing

It’s Break The Stigma Day!!! Today I am taking a stand for women with “H” to break the silence and break the stigma. I want you to feel happy, healthy and totally loved. You deserve it! and….I know it is a journey that starts with a single step. Take that step with me today as I share my story, resources and one BIG thing that has helped me to find peace and my happily ever after! I am a women who is happily married to the man of my dreams. We have a beautiful, healthy little girl and had it not been for this ONE THING….none of this would have been possible for me. I would probably still be single and miserable wondering where Mr Right is. I am so excited to take a stand for YOU today to create a magical life…a happily ever after. #breakthestigma #pinktent #drkelly #btsd #whatstigma

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Herpes Treatment: Lemon Balm for Herpes

Lemon balm remedies for herpesHerpes Treatment: Lemon Balm for Herpes
By Contributing Auther: Stephanie

One of my main concerns with herpes treatment is my ability to control the virus naturally without effecting other areas of my body.  Lemon balm is used in herpes treatment as a natural home remedy to reduce the replication of the herpes virus.  Here, you will learn many of the different ways you can use lemon balm for herpes outbreak treatment and prevention, in hopes that you will find the perfect remedy for your lifestyle!

Lemon balm, scientifically known as Melissa officinalis, was shown in a 2004 study to effectively reduce the rate of of replication of both type 1 and 2 of the herpes virus (Allahverdiyev et. al 2004).  One precaution the article gives is using anything over a concentration of 100 micrograms per milliliter.  If the concentration is higher than this threshold there could be potential toxic side effects.  This being said, any lemon balm oil or supplement that you buy in the store should be safe for use, but I would suggest checking the dosage on the product just to be sure. As you can probably imagine, go organic whenever possible. While it is beneficial to discuss how this herb can potentially prevent outbreaks, help heal current outbreaks, and hinder the replication of the virus, we will also discuss some creative uses for the herb.  This herb can be used in many applications and it is my intent that each and every one of you will learn how it can benefit you, no matter what your unique situation with herpes is.

Different uses for lemon balm:

If you would like to grow the herb and use it in its most natural form, there are several ways to accomplish this.  The first, and likely most common, is to make lemon balm tea.  All you need to do is to place some herbs in hot boiling water for a few minutes (tea bag is optional), add some honey (raw is best), sip and relax. This tea also pairs well with black or mint tea. You can drink this hot or you can add ice to drink iced tea. This herb touts its ability to relax you and when you’ve sipped to your hearts content, re use the tea bag to sooth any sores by placing the bag directly on them.  If you do not want to grow the herb yourself, lemon balm tea is readily available for purchase.

Another creative and relaxing remedy is to take a lemon balm bath.  If you have the lemon balm plant you can use the leaves  in the bath by making a lemon balm leaf-filled bag and hanging it under the running water as you fill the bath.  This remedy will create a relaxing and healing environment for your herpes sores to heal. A word of caution though, do not take a bath that is too hot as very hot baths and hot tubs can trigger the herpes virus.

You can even eat fresh lemon balm leaves in a salad or with any other meal you have prepared.  Culinary nerds might want to add mint, anise, fennel or lemon verbena to mix with the lemon balm. Eating the leaves allows you to proactively begin to approach herpes treatment with more of a preventative approach.  Having lemon balm as a part of your regular diet could help to decrease the likelihood of having another outbreak.

Lemon balm salve or ointment is also available over the counter.  The salve can be applied directly to an outbreak site to help sooth and heal any bothersome sores.  This is a great option for those of us who might not have the time to get super creative with the herb.

You can also buy a lemon balm (or Melissa) supplement at your vitamin store to get the herb into your daily intake.  This is a great alternative to eating the leaves with your food, and will also act as a herpes treatment for outbreak prevention.

Lemon balm/Melissa essential oils are also available. You can use the oil in the area that you usually experience outbreaks to potentially prevent them.  You can also use the oil for its relaxing and calming properties in times of stress to help control your immune system’s response to hectic times.

These are just some of the many creative uses I have found while researching the lemon balm herb and its effect on the herpes virus.  I for one am planning to experiment with each of them to find which remedy works best for my mind and body.  I hope you all do the same, and successfully find a healing outlet in the herb!

Allahverdiyev, A., Duran, N., Ozguven, M., & Koltas, S. 2004. “Antiviral activity of the volatile oils of Melissa officinalis L. against Herpes simplex virus type-2.” Phytomedicine 11(7):657-661.


About Stephanie

Hi Everyone! My name is Stephanie.  I was diagnosed with HSV-2 in April of 2014 when I was 22 years old. Right now, almost three years later, I am a doctoral student in the sociology department at Purdue University. I recently completed my MA in sociology at the University of Northern Colorado where I explored the role of stigma in the process of disclosing a genital herpes diagnosis.  With that said, if anyone is interested in reading what I discovered in my project, I am happy to share that with you! I plan to continue advocating for our community, as well as studying the social factors that influence sexual health in order to understand how we can create a world that is easier for people diagnosed with STIs.  I really enjoy writing for the Pink Tent community and am excited to be able to share some of my experiences and thoughts about living with genital herpes with you all.

Home Remedy for Herpes: As Simple As Tea

The Healing Properties and History of Tea

I was diagnosed with herpes many years ago, and as a doctor and woman with herpes, I have learned how to manage and treat herpes all naturally. Tea is at the top of the list for an effective home remedy for herpes. Not just any tea will do. After a brief background on tea, you will discover some great ideas for healing herpes lesions using tea. Did you know that tea is the number one beverage consumed globally?

Tea was first consumed in China around 1500-1046 BC, when a Chinese Emperor was sipping hot water and some tea leaves blew into the water. The emperor was pleasantly surprised by the taste and later he discovered its medicinal properties. I have always been intrigued by the medicinal properties of tea and other all natural substances. Not only does our body know how to better assimilate natural remedies, but one doesn’t have to be as concerned about the side effects.

Since coffee is very high in arginine, an amino acid that is a known trigger for herpes, I have always encouraged people with herpes to switch to herbal tea. The lower caffeine content of tea is preferable to coffee for creating a more conducive environment for healing. Caffeine is very hard on the adrenal glands, which are our glands that respond to stress. Most Americans are stressed out enough and adding caffeine to their bodies places their immune system in a state of overwhelm. Stress depresses one’s immunity and also increases one’s risk for frequent herpes outbreaks.

The active ingredient in tea, specifically Black Tea, is tannins. This is what gives tea its bitterness and its effectiveness for inhibiting the herpes virus. During your next outbreak, follow these easy steps. (Do NOT drink the black tea, for the caffeine content is too high. Instead, choose an herbal tea.)

1. Steep an organic black tea back in water for an hour

2. Allow the tea bag to cool

3. Place warm (not hot) tea bag on herpes lesion for several minutes

4. Pat dry and apply a topical salve or solution that is known to inhibit the virus and heal the lesion

5. Do this several times a day. You can also break the tea bag to expose your sores directly to the tea leaves

6. Dispose of the tea bag once it is used

Sipping Herbal Blends- Please check with your doctor first

There are several herbal teas known to boost immunity, support the liver, and calm the nervous system, all of which help to decrease the severity and intensity of a herpes outbreak.  A herpes outbreak suggests a depressed immune system and a stressed out nervous system. What stresses the immune system? Everyday life, lack of sleep and a poor diet. Sip these supportive teas as a preventative and during outbreaks.

  • Valerian root– has calming properties to de-stress the nervous system
  • Lemon balm, Pau D’arco Dandelion, Licorice root, Goldenseal and Echinacea– antiviral properties to inhibit the herpes virus and boost immunity
  • Burdock root– supports the detoxification of the liver

To prepare the herbs: Take 4-6 Tbs. in 1 quart of cold filtered water. Cover pot and bring it to a boil. Simmer on low for 20 minutes. Remove from heat for 20 minutes or more. Strain and drink 3-4 cups per day.

Live. Love. Thrive.

Dr. Kelly

What Is Holistic Medicine?

What Is Holistic Medicine?

holistic-medicineEast Meets West

Western medicine = Modern medicine

Eastern medicine = Traditional, Holistic and Alternative medicine Eastern medicine is rooted in a holistic, or whole body approach.

The physical, emotional and spiritual states of an individual are all equally important in evaluating, managing and treating an individual.  Imagine a hologram, where every individual part represents the whole. It is impossible to break down a hologram into individual parts. Let’s say you have a hologram of an apple. If you cut the apple hologram in half, you are not left with two halves; you are left with two whole apples. You can demolish a hologram, but even a minute piece of the original will still reflect the whole!

Holistic medicine and its premises are no different than a hologram. You can’t heal a person by just examining and treating just one part of their body, because everything is interconnected. For example, you might be able to “fix” a person’s heart by treating a blockage with surgery. This is more of a Western approach, which focuses only on the physical symptom at hand, the blockage. This modern approach to medicine views the body as individual parts which need to be fixed. The weakness in this approach is that unless the underlying cause is addressed, the symptom will arise again in a similar or different form.

In Eastern medicine, health comes from an returning the body to its natural state of balance. “Fixing” a problem entails a deep investigation of the environment that lead to the imbalance or physical symptom and then going deeper to where the root of the problem lies. What are the person’s daily habits? How do their other organs function? Do they eat well? Are they stressed at work? Do they exercise? What are their families’ health backgrounds? What is going on in their personal lives? These are just a handful of the many questions that need to be answered in order to understand the emotional, spiritual and physical ailments of an individual person.
In Western medicine, doctors deal with individual problems. As a result, a person might have a half a dozen doctors who each specialize in one specific thing, making it incredibly hard to locate the source of a disease and find a lasting solution. It’s as if our “parts” don’t communicate to one another and each section is quarantined. In the eyes of many Western doctors, the sum of our parts equals the whole, rather than the whole expressing itself in each of the parts. I personally believe there is value in both types of medicine, but that we need more influence of the Eastern philosophies in our healing practices. This is why I choose to deal with health issues naturally first, and why I do not utilize or encourage Western medical treatment for herpes.
book_LiveLove300For more information on how to deal with herpes naturally and help to heal your whole self, purchase my Amazon Best Seller, “Live, Love and Thrive with Herpes“!

What Is A Healing Crisis?

What Is A Healing Crisis?

Time to HealA healing crisis occurs when there is an increase in physical and/or emotional symptoms, during times of intense healing. In the eyes of Western medicine, in general, healing is associated with a decrease in symptoms as opposed to an increase in symptoms. 

A healing crisis might seem a bit out of the ordinary because there will always be an increase in symptoms before one gets better- Even with herpes.  Let me give you an example to further explain the process. Your body is an accumulation of life experiences and emotions. Each and every experience you have ever had, on some level, has been stored in your body. So the saying goes, an elephant never forgets; neither does your body. Your body holds on to all of your life experiences, including diseases, illness, trauma and emotional turmoil . This is all well and good when your life is a box of chocolates, but what happens when crisis strikes?

During high levels of stress, your body begins to release different hormones than it does when things are going well. As the stress loads increase and the body can no longer handle it, the efficiency of your system as a whole begins to break down. Muscles get tight, immunity decreases, digestion slows, toxins begin to build up, brain function diminishes and your body goes into a break down mode, much like a car can break down on the side of the road. Each person responds to breakdown mode with different emotions.

This breakdown or crisis might lead to high blood pressure, low back pain, bouts of diarrhea, head aches, cancer or any number of illnesses. The breakdown could also be a mental breakdown or a bout of depression. Breakdown mode is like the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. In these situations, the body can no longer function as normal and the goal of the body is to have you do something different, eat better, sleep more, get more nutrients in your diet, change your body mechanics at work, decrease the stress in your life or whatever else has been accumulating as a stress in your life. During crisis mode, you can no longer ignore your symptoms and just put tape over your engine light that is blinking. This down time in crisis is often exactly what the doctor ordered for you to stop and begin listening to your body and healing.

Each major crisis in your life is stored like the layers of an onion, where the core is the beginning of your life and the outer onion ring is your most recent year. A good healer will begin working with the outermost, most recent layer of your life. This is often why you sought care in the first place.

If your symptom is something that has been chronic, it is most probably linked to an imbalance from times past. During intense holistic healing, the body begins to re pattern itself, so that new neural connections are made and balance is restored. These healing crisis symptoms are revealed in a reverse chronological order, much like pulling back the layers of an onion.

Let’s say that five years ago you had a bout of cancer and 15 years ago you broke your arm. In this case, a person might re experience the symptoms of cancer as the body completes that layer of healing. During this new layer of integration and healing, the body will begin to release toxins and emotions associated with the original trauma. In this case, maybe a rash might form as the body releases stored toxins from chemotherapy.

The next major healing crisis in your journey might appear as an increase in pain in your arm. Maybe your arm never fully repaired itself and now the body wants to address this injury because it has the available nutrients and energy. As the body build new neuronal pathways and breaks down scar tissue, you are left with an arm that is better than ever. The good news is that these healing crisis symptoms generally do not last for more than a few days or up to a week. It is not uncommon for emotions to also be released as the body reintegrates and heals. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines I have for you to distinguish a healing crisis from a new injury or a formula that does not work for you.

If you are just beginning to heal your herpes, be sure to give a remedy some time to work and don’t be surprised if your symptoms get worse before they get better. It is quite possible that the remedy or exercise might be causing the virus to be killed off in large numbers. This could lead to an increase in symptoms as your body attempts to push the virus out of your body from a dormant state. This COULD be a healing response, depending on your comfort level, make a change if you feel the need to try something different.