Slow down your Yes’s

Slow Down Your Yes’s. Many of the women I work with in my private practice are overwhelmed in life. They have over extended themselves and they are totally stressed out. As I was running yesterday, listening to the Audible book, Girl Wash Your Face, I was introduced to the idea of “slowing down your yes’s”. I loved it! I am also loving Rachel Hollis’ book. The concept is that when we can slow down our yes’s and simplify our commitments, we are much more likely to be successful and to build self confidence and self esteem. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you could choose one thing today to commit to that could transform your life, what would that one thing be? You know what it is! Stop guessing yourself! Pick this one thing and follow through on it. This simple practice of focussing on one thing and truly committing to it will help you to build a sustainable platform for success. #theonething #drkellylive


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