Single Women: Embrace your confident Inner Goddess with this quiz…

Single Women: Embrace your confident Inner Goddess with this quiz…

Goddess Archetypes are so powerful when it comes to dating with confidence. You want to own your gifts, your worth and your beauty, but you don’t know how? When I dated in my earlier years I almost gave up. I just wasn’t confident in dating, even though I was confident in other areas of my life. I compared myself to others and didn’t feel worthy of the love I deserved. I felt broken since I had been sexually abused by a teacher and later contracted an STD. Subconsciously I pushed men away because in truth I didn’t feel safe to be so vulnerable. Learning how to truly love myself and be more of me allowed me to heal my deep-seated fear of true intimacy. I know many of you also have intimacy blocks that keep you single or dating the wrong men or women.

Take My 2 Minute FREE Goddess Archetype Quiz today and discover your hidden talents and gifts. Let’s begin to restore your self-confidence and remind you who you really are and what you bring to your future mate. Maybe you have tried EVERYTHING and you have lost hope. Stop there sister, and just take one more step. I wouldn’t have attracted my soulmate and husband years ago if I hadn’t committed to LOVE and CONNECTION….whatever it took. Take the quiz and when you finish it, I’ll have a gift for you at the other end. Women who already took the quiz are already reaping some of the benefits of a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. Take the quiz and then share your results below.

We, as a sisterhood at Pink Tent want to celebrate you!

Here you go

Which of 7 Goddess Archetypes do you embody the most?

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