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Today Is The Day!
Today is the day you get to start to transform your LIFE.

Sounds impossible doesn’t it?

I would have thought the same thing many years ago, but after working with thousands of women from around the globe, I have discovered that success leaves clues.

This is important to YOU because…

These patterns and behaviors determine whether you will forever suffer or learn to live and love again.
The Problem
(Up Until Today)
While 1 in 4 women have genital herpes
No one is talking about it
The internet is filled with scams and myths
No one is teaching how to manage symptoms when prescription drugs don't work or aren't desired
There are no proven strategies to successfully date and overcome the shame
Most doctors and therapists are misinformed
You need to ask yourself…

Do you have a plan to make these dreams a reality?


Are you just hoping this will happen AND thinking maybe someday you’ll figure this whole thing out?

Believe me when I say that hoping can waste so much of your energy, focus and time.
What took me 19 years to learn, you can fast track to success in just 30 days.

I had a client once who had wasted 30 years of her life withholding her secret, feeling all alone, miserable, depressed and with symptoms that were out of control.

Do you want to take the chance of missing out on 5, 10, 30 years of happiness, love and fulfillment?

What happens if you just wait for your next outbreak or the next time you have to tell a partner and your whole world comes crumbling down. AGAIN!

This is your life we are talking about and you deserve more than hoping…. You deserve to EXPECT the best that life has to offer! 
"I honestly have been so depressed the last few months I didn’t know what to do anymore. I’m amazed at the results of the supplements!I feel like your guidance has given me my life back again. I feel like myself again. Thank you!" 
Natalie A.
What's Your Plan?
After hearing so many stories of women who had totally given up, I decided to create a course that would give women a place to go to be nourished and fed accurate, inspirational information.

Even though my book was an Amazon bestseller, women wanted more. They needed more guidance and a proven system to guide them in their journey.

They also asked me how they could connect with other women with herpes so they wouldn’t feel all alone.

I learned how to control my symptoms, find love, marry my soulmate and have a healthy baby, and yet my story of success just wasn’t enough.

Women needed to hear the voices of other women who were screaming in silence, just like them.

This is why I created the brand new
Take A Peek Inside!
What is it?
It’s an Online 4 Module Multi-Media Training Program that can be done:

-on your time
-at your pace
-in the privacy of your own home 
-on any wireless device or download

And you get lifetime access to this amazing content.

Pretty awesome, right?

As a woman, doctor and 19-year carrier of the virus I can honestly say that it is the most comprehensive, women's specific education on herpes you can find in one place.


I honor your privacy, which is why our online course is delivered in a password protected members only area that you can access on any device.

So, let me give you a tour.
Module 1: 30 Day Quick Start- Self Care Plan For Success
This module is designed specifically to show you the fastest way to jump off the emotional rollercoaster. Whether you're newly diagnosed or you’ve lived with this for 30 years, this is the "Emergency Roadmap" towards Relief and Peace.
- 30 Day Quick Start Video- a keystone to create a foundation of understanding to launch you into success

- Self Care Quick Start Download- turn fear into action in this no-nonsense weekly plan

- 3 Audio stories to take back control of your health and develop a deeper understanding into holistic healing

- Positive Affirmations Audio to reprogram your mind and abolish those lying, fearful, shaming voices

- Healing Exercises and Meditations Download to calm your mind and rebuild your self confidence and self esteem

- Supplements & Remedies Download so you can stop worrying about what doesn't work. This is a proven system to rebuild your immune system, and learn to control your outbreaks for life.

- Dr. Kelly's Top Topical Remedies For Outbreaks Chart to show you how to decrease your pain, tingling and itching and to heal your lesions in record time 4

- One-Week Checklists to keep everything on track and organized
Module 2: Top Hidden Triggers Your Doctor Never Told You
If you are getting frequent outbreaks, this module is the key to your success. Free yourself from the physical and emotional draining of wondering what is contributing to your outbreaks
- Top Hidden Triggers Video covering the ins and outs of what can set off an outbreak. There are triggers in here that your doctor doesn’t even know about!

- Top Hidden Triggers Quick Reference Download for quick reference of the video material

- Stress Evaluation Worksheet for Triggers so you can evaluate your stress in key areas of your life and create a clear plan of action to decrease your unique stress triggers.

- An audio discussion where I unveil the critical link between your emotions and your outbreaks and what you can do to regain control.

-An Intimate Interview with Sarah sharing secrets of how she has learned to manage her own outbreaks.

- A copy of My Top 10 Triggers e-book an Amazon Bestseller

Module 3: The Facts- Dispelling Myths: What Every Woman Needs To Know
This one is important because it will show you what you absolutely, positively need to know, and it's all in one place. No more endless hours surfing the web with scams and conflicting information. Worried about a transmission? I'll tell you EXACTLY how to protect your partner and have a healthy sex life again.
- The Facts Video dives deep into what herpes really is, what it is NOT and how it is transmitted.

- The Facts: Quick Reference Download

- Dispelling Myths FAQ’s Download of my most commonly asked questions answered.

- Preventing Herpes 101 Guide showing you how to decrease the transmission of herpes to your loved ones.

- Herpes and Pregnancy Special Download so you have the facts on transmission, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, your newborn and what NOT to do.

- The Facts Cheat Sheet this is the go to if you want a quick reference to the essential facts.

- A very personal interview with Annie Kiel, author of "Herpes Screening and Diagnosis in the U.S.- An Oversight in Public Health?". Discover why herpes isn’t included in a standard STD panel and how herpes emotionally impacts our lives- Plus a download of her report!

- An exclusive interview with a 30+ year Herpes Hotline Counselor, where she reveals the secrets that up until now, she has only shared with her private clients. 
Learn how you can avoid some of the biggest mistakes that women make during "the talk" with a partner. Free yourself from the anxiety and open your heart to the possibilities. 
- Secrets To the Talk Video- learn my “3 C’s to Success” proven system to having a successful talk. This easy to follow, authentic, heart centered approach will tell you exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to disclose.

- Having The Talk accompanying download

- A Do’s and Don’ts Cheat sheet for the day of your talk

- My personal story of overcoming this diagnosis. I’ll be sharing what it was like for me, specifically the one big key that helped make the “dust settle”

- A candid interview with my husband detailing the other end of the talk (revealing what your partner might be thinking)

- Visualizing Success Meditation I will walk you through a successful talk using hypnotherapy-like cues. This will ease your mind, create a calm confidence in your body and open your heart to love.

- Exercises to eliminate your fears of having the talk

- An Audio Collection with Topics Such As…Are You Open To Love?, Feeling Sexy and Deserving of Love and Fear Of Rejection 
Lifetime Access– I realize that every woman has a different learning pace and that this material is most valuable when you can return to it when you need it most. This is why you will have lifetime access, to not only the content, but the recorded live calls as well.

Secret Facebook Group I am also always adding new, cutting edge material. One of my favorite bonuses about this new course is our Secret Facebook community– with 100% privacy you can meet other women, ask questions, share your victories, create new friendships and for the first time ever you will realize that everyday women just like you have herpes and are reclaiming their health and happiness.

Bonus Interview Library  Dr. Kelly interviews 4 women, just like you, who are living with herpes. Margo shares her surprising secret that many members of our community have used in their “talks” (Backed by a 100% success track record). Elise, a nurse, discloses what it is like to be a health care person with this diagnosis and the pitfalls of our sexual health education. Susie, a yoga instructor, talks about the pitfalls of staying too long in a herpes accepting, but unhealthy relationship. And finally, Susie shares her perspective as a newly diagnosed woman.

- For A Limited Time, Get An Added Bonus-

Live Panel Discussion If you purchase before February 3, 2019, you will get to join in on an amazing live panel discussion with women who have found love after diagnosis.
All of these modules are jampacked with interviews, meditations, audios, exercises, quick tips, success stories from other women, and downloads.

This is the course I wish I had 19 years ago.
Our Sisterhood
Remember when I said there is no cure like community?

This course comes with a private, dedicated community of women committed to transformation.

What Women Are Saying
"The information received in the Foundations Course was invaluable to me. Even though I had done of lot of reading and self-study, I received a lot that I did not know. Perhaps more importantly, I joined a true support group that has been through it and understands the experience. Being able to talk and relate to others who 'get it' is priceless. Emotional support is so important on this journey. I am so thankful for Dr Kelly - her work and the community she has created. I highly recommend the Foundations Course!"
"I don't know where I would be without Dr. Kelly's mentorship and the friendship from the many women I have been connected through the Pink Tent community. You are not alone! And there are a lot of great ways this program can show you how to heal yourself. This isn't just about having or not having outbreaks, it's about healing yourself from a real deep level. I truly appreciate all of the time dedicated to this wonderful program as well as the openness and support I have received. Many Many thanks!!"
Anonymous- Foundations Course Member
"The course was invaluable for providing a sense of support and for breaking the isolation - huge deal. The isolation was very painful in the beginning. The course was also very important for moving me forward and for gaining back some control. In your website videos, one opinion you gave was that it is important to know how to manage symptoms in order to heal emotionally. So true, and the course is good for this too."
Anonymous- Foundations Course Member
"Dr. Kelly. I have had hsv2 for a year. I was on the verge of suicide before I found you. Now, having literally read everything of yours that I could possibly get my hands on, I am at peace. I don't love having herpes, but I refuse to let it define me. You have saved my life. Thank you for what you have given to this community. You are a wonderful soul."
"I had the talk with my partner this weekend and it went really well. I read your memo from the course on it beforehand and felt prepared and calm in my delivery. Maybe it helped that he is a doctor, but he was very supportive and said that it didn't change anything about the way he felt and that we would figure it out together. Thank You"
"When I was diagnosed 3 years ago - I went to the internet, of course, and looked for everything and anything to help cure me. There is no cure but I found much more. Through Pink Tent I learned how to take care of myself better- physically and emotionally. My journey is not over and it never will be but through Pink Tent I have found connections with other women and know I am not alone. I don't have many outbreaks but the shame and guilt are the things I have to manage the most. It was the end of the world at the beginning but through Pink Tent I realized it wasn't. Thank you Dr Kelly!"
Anonymous- Foundations Course Member
“After I implemented your suggestions and gave “the Talk,” my boyfriend told me that he loved me for the first time! Thank you Dr. Kelly.”
What About My Privacy?
The online course is password protected. You don’t ever have to download any of the material to access because it is stored in the cloud. Your username could be petunia picklebottoms if you want and no one will have access to your private email or information.
What If You've "Tried Everything"?
I worked with one woman who had had mild symptoms that hadn’t gone away for a decade until she started implementing my system and within a few days her symptoms disappeared. While I’ve had this happen time and time again, from a place of integrity, I must say that I don’t have a cure and can’t promise you anything except for providing you with the best, safest information available for you to manage your symptoms.
The Investment For Living The Life Of Your Dreams
What is the value for learning how to manage your symptoms?
What would it feel like to know you are not alone and that you have a community of sisters to reach out to anytime? 
What if you could reveal your status to an intimate partner with calm confidence? 
What is the value of releasing your past and embracing your future?
 Now it is hard to put a value on all of this, but I know I have personally invested well over $130,000 in my medical degree.

Plus, well over $40,000 educating myself on herpes, personal growth and development as well as my own world class one on one coach.

I have heard more stories of women spending $300+ on supplements and scams only to find their pocketbook empty and their hopes dwindling.

I have also been told that women have spent $3000+ in therapy only to discover that their therapists just don’t understand their shame and pain.

This course is equivalent to going back to school, but on a topic that nobody teaches.

Women currently work one on one with me and they spend thousands of dollars and I have a waitlist practice.

Now my heart can fully open as I know that I can offer my expertise at a fraction of the cost, to make it available to almost any woman who is committed to change.

The right education is your next step.

I know, as a women, doctor and 19 year carrier that this course will give you the most comprehensive, women's specific education on herpes you can find anywhere. 

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This community is based on transparency and trust, so I want to extend that into my guarantee.

I stand behind this course 100%, and if you decide this isn't the right fit for you, anytime within the next year, just send me an email and we will give you a prompt and full refund.

From my heart to yours, I sincerely invite you to take the next step to reclaim your health and happiness.

Love yourself enough to give yourself this gift.

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