Pregnant With Herpes

I am 20 years old and a college student and I am also 8 months pregnant. I was diagnosed with herpes 3 months ago when I was 5 months pregnant. When I found out my daughter father gave it to me while I was pregnant, he came to me and said he cheated on me n just found out he had gonorrhea, so I should go get tested again. I had just gotten tested and everything was negative, so when I went to the doctor, I told her to test me for std’s again. She did so at my next appointment, which he was with me and we found out we were having a girl. But then the doctor said your std test came back negative, except for herpes. I said, that’s not right because he had gonorrhea, not herpes.

The whole time I’m looking confused and he was sitting there with a blank look on his face. She explained to me what herpes was and that I will be put on pills at the end of my pregnancy so I won’t have an outbreak during birth. When I left the doctor I asked him if he had gonorrhea or herpes. He said he really did have gonorrhea, but had herpes for 3 years now. So during our whole relationship, he hid it from me. He left me a few weeks later and I haven’t heard from him since. He got me pregnant and gave me herpes and ran off and didn’t claim our child. Since I found out, I have had several outbreaks, which is very stressful because I’m trying to hide it from my family.

No one knows. I’m so scared to tell my mother because she feels like I should have known better because I am well educated about std’s because she is HIV positive. I’m just embarrassed she wants to be in the room with me, but I don’t know if the doctor is going to say anything about me having herpes, so I’m going to have to go though labor and delivery all alone because I don’t want anyone to find out. Seeing every story is really helping me. I’m still going through the rough stage.

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