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Exploring the benefits and proper use of Monolaurin supplement: An interview with Damon, owner of Palmara Health

Exploring the benefits and proper use of Monolaurin: An interview with Damon Sununtnasuk, owner of Palmara Health

Dr. Kelly interviews Damon Sununtnasuk, the owner of a supplement company called Natural Cure Labs, which is in the process of changing its name to Palmara Health. Damon discusses the benefits of Monolaurin, a supplement derived from coconut oil and lauric acid that is said to support immunity. Damon explains… Read more

Embody Your Most Beautiful Self In 2020

My dear friend, Nathalie Chapron, and French Stylist Extraordinaire is here to HELP YOU! Have you been feeling insecure and “not so sexy”? Just don’t know how to break FREE and feel beautiful inside and out? 2020 is upon us and you DESERVE to FEEL and LOOK your BEST. Listen… Read more

Suzanne Oshima and Dr. Kelly- Reclaiming Your Love Life

Read more

What Cupid Failed To Tell You: The 3 Keys To Everlasting Love & Relationship

Single? Can’t find love? Jealous of your happy coupled girlfriends? What Cupid Failed To Tell You: 3 Keys To Everlasting Love is the key to success. Join Dr. Kelly in an intimate conversation about finding a love that is everlasting! Read more

Overcoming Sexual Shame

Want to move beyond your sexual shame? Feel like no one will ever love you because you have an STD, or you have been raped or sexually abused? Single and you can’t figure out why you haven’t manifested The One? In this interview, Anahita Anais and I discuss the key… Read more

Dr. Kelly and Jenelle Pierce Talk Stigmas

Dr. Kelly is part of the Steering Committee for Janelle’s new project, Herpes Activists Networking to Dismantle Stigma (HANDS), which is comprised of more than 12 publicly “out” herpes activists along with a growing list of member organizations. This is the first time herpes advocates have come together to form… Read more

How Facebook is Ruining Self-Confidence- Audio

https://pinktent.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/How-Facebook-is-ruining-Self-Esteem-Audio.m4aPodcast: Play in new window | Download Why is it that so many women give their power and self-confidence away to Facebook? What used to be a fun place to connect and share, has now become a place that leaves so many women feeling depressed, isolated, exhausted, jealous, ugly, anxious… Read more

Resiliency For The Modern Woman- Live Discussion with Dr. Kelly and Founder of Brain Mastery, Anahita Parseghian

Resiliency For The Modern Woman- Live Discussion with Dr. Kelly and Founder of Brain Mastery, Anahita Parseghian Read more

Tony Robbins’ Apology to the #MeToo Movement- with Special Guest Umoh Luna

Last month I attended the Tony Robbins event, Unleash The Power Within, where Tony Robbins spoke about the #MeToo movement and it’s associations with victimhood and unintended consequences. Join us as we discuss Tony Robbins Apology to the #MeToo Movement With special guest: Umoh Luna- Speaker, Writer, Spiritual Guide and… Read more

How To Be A Goddess Training- Dr. Christiane Northrup & Dr. Kelly

 I had the BEST Facebook Live interview last week with Dr. Christiane Northrup, an OB/GYN and one of Oprah’s most influential people of 2017! We talked about….. The power of our Shakti  What NOT to do when pleasuring ourselves How to love ourselves How to use tapping to heal… Read more

Embracing Vulnerability & Living An Authentic Life

https://s3.amazonaws.com/foundationscourse/Maryalicia+interview+mp3.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadDr. Kelly Interviews Maryalicia Verdecchia – Pink Tent™ As Brene Brown teaches, vulnerability is our greatest asset. Ever since I heard her share this poignant message to the world in her Ted Talk that went viral, I have explored it, embraced it and shared it.… Read more

Herbs and Natural Remedies For Herpes Treatment

https://s3.amazonaws.com/foundationscourse/Brigitte+Mars+Audio.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadDr. Kelly Interviews Brigitte Mars- Pink Tent™ I had the privilege to interview Brigitte Mars, herbalist, author and raw food chef from the privacy of my own home. What a treat! Now here is a woman who knows a whole lot about herbs and… Read more

Jenelle Marie Shares On Embracing Life After STD Diagnosis

Jenelle Marie, Founder of the STD Project, Shares On Herpes Diagnosis and Learning To Embrace Life To The Fullest Interview By Dr. Kelly- Pink Tent™ This month I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Jenelle Marie Pierce (fka Davis), the founder of the STD Project, and a huge voice within the STD community. Having… Read more

Dr. Sheila Loanzon Shares Her Mission After Herpes Diagnosis- Podcast With Dr. Kelly

Interview By Dr. Kelly- Pink Tent™ In celebration of STD Awareness month,  I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr. Sheila Loanzon, aka the “Compassionate Gynecologist” on her personal experience of herpes from diagnosis, acceptance, and full disclosure. She is passionate about supporting people who have been diagnosed with herpes,… Read more

Kirsty Spraggon on her Journey to Reveal Her Secret

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadInterview By Dr. Kelly- Pink Tent™ Last week I got the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Kirsty Spraggon on her unique journey of living with herpes. She kept her secret for 18 years before opening up and sharing her story with others, and eventually became… Read more