Genital Herpes Diagnosis? 5 Top Things You Must Know

Positive Genital Herpes Diagnosis? 5 Top Things You Must Know

Are you a woman who was just diagnosed with genital herpes? If so, be sure to watch this video where Dr. Kelly explains what you must know. As a woman, doctor and 15 year carrier, she understands the stigma and shock of a genital herpes diagnosis. Need more support? Have more questions? Check our our new online Foundations Course©, which is complete private! You can be a student AND remain anonymous on your terms and on your time frame to learn. . Herpes Support Course for Women

Don’t wait until your next outbreak or heartbreak to -Learn how to naturally manage your outbreaks -Reclaim your birthright to a happy, healthy sex life -Learn the top hidden herpes triggers that your doctor never told you In addition to all of these benefits…… you don’t have to feel all alone anymore! Join our community of Women Supporting Women With Herpes and become part of an intimate group of women who are committed to living a vibrant, happy, healthy life….despite their having genital herpes. Reclaim your self-esteem and sex life today!

Live. Love. Thrive.

Dr. Kelly

P.S. If you are screaming in silence and feel that you have nowhere to turn, this is the course for you. I am committed to your success if you’ll just leap and have faith that you can learn to live and love again. You deserve it!

P.S.S. Our Pink tent™community is committed to serving you. Please share your story on our forum and receive the support you need. It’s FREE!  


  1. tryingtobebrave2 says:

    I am newly diagnosed…as in yesterday. I have never had an outbreak..I don’t even know what to look for bing asymptomatic. My anxiety about spreading it to someone else is even higher…. as I don’t know anything…do I take medication anyway?
    I live in a country that does not speak English and I have no one to really explain things to me.
    Seeing that I am asymptomatic, will I always be…or will I get the sores eventually.
    Also when does the crying stop….I am 38 I had already given up on ever having ids before my diagnosis…so the kids weren’t a big part of my plans.. I have so many questions. I am happy for an outlet.

    • Dr. Kelly says:


      We would love for you to join our herpes forum. All you need to do is go to and join. You asked if everything is confidential and as you can see our forum is public. You can choose any user name you would like. As a company, we do not share the names or emails of any of our users.

      We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

      Live. Love. Thrive.
      Dr. Kelly

  2. Aimee says:

    Hi, I was diagnosed HSV2 on July 1. And thus far, asymptomatic. Dr Kelly’s book is such a terrific life line and I’m slowly exploring her pink tent community. Dr Kelly is right, we are not alone. Her strength inspires me, even during my darkest hours in the shadow of this diagnosis. I immediately sought Valacyclovir but did not feel right so I stopped. I’m now taking Herbal supplement Cats Claw. The emotional roller coaster is most difficult for me. Dr Kelly is right again, my misery is self imposed. Unconditional self love is a gift I work daily to give myself. I feel I stumble more than gain strides but one day at a time.

    • Dr. Kelly says:


      Let’s celebrate your wins! If you take this just one day at a time, one step at a time, and focus on your dreams…you will receive the abundance that the universe has for you. We all struggle with unconditional self love, it is just a matter of what degree. You are not alone. Our Pink Tent community loves you just the way you are! Self love truly is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and this world. Be the light that shines within.

      Live. Love. Thrive.
      Dr. Kelly

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