Meet The Doctor

Meet the Doctor

kelly_mugDr. Kelly Martin Schuh, D.C., is an Amazon bestselling author, speaker, and transformational coach for women. Early in her adult life, Dr. Kelly’s life was forever changed when she contracted the highly stigmatized disease of herpes. Determined to help women negotiate their lives while living with herpes, she openly shared her story in her 2013 release of Live, Love and Thrive with Herpes, a bestseller on Amazon. As the founder of the virtual community Pink Tent™ which is devoted the purpose of “Women Supporting Women with Herpes,” Dr. Kelly is sparking “Scarlet Letter” type conversations that extend far beyond the topic of herpes.

Inspired by her story, women from around the world are gathering to share their deepest, darkest secrets in order to experience the illumination of their personal truth and the gift of sacred self-love, peace, and passion for life.

Dr. Kelly volunteers as the Educational Outreach director for the nonprofit Colorado H Friends. She earned a doctorate from Parker University in Dallas, TX, and holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado. When she is not coaching or teaching, she is living the “good life” in Boulder, CO, with her husband and daughter