Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh, D.C is an Amazon bestselling author, speaker, and women’s wellness advocate. As a doctor and woman who has lived with herpes since early adulthood, she brings compassion, a light heart, and the knowledge of a world of possibilities to those who suffer from herpes. She has a doctorate from Parker University in Dallas, TX and holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Biology from the University of Colorado.

Dr. Kelly founded a successful wellness center in Boulder, CO, focusing on personal transformation through chiropractic, nutrition, and energy medicine. She has written six books about the holistic management and treatment of herpes, all available on Amazon. She serves as the Educational Coordinator and Vice President for the nonprofit, the Colorado H Club, and in 2010 founded the Expression Of Life Foundation to provide education and support to women around the world to live, love and thrive with herpes.

Dr. Kelly and her husband, Richard Schuh, live a vibrant, healthy life in the spectacular mountains of Boulder, CO and are the proud parents of their daughter Madeline, known as the Happiest Baby in the World. Together they enjoy biking, camping, skiing, yoga, meditation, personal growth, gourmet food and giggles. Dr. Kelly invites women of all ages to join her Pink Tent™ virtual community.