Kirsty Spraggon on her Journey to Reveal Her Secret


Interview By Dr. Kelly- Pink Tent

Last week I got the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Kirsty Spraggon on her unique journey of living with herpes. She kept her secret for 18 years before opening up and sharing her story with others, and eventually became known for her inspiring Tedx Talk, where she shared how the shame and guilt of our secrets can insidiously infect our lives. She shares the fact that our desire to heal has to be greater than our fear and how when you are vulnerable enough to open up, you can turn your secret into your greatest gift and greatest teacher and live freely. 

I am so excited to share this exclusive interview with our Pink Tent™ community! Listen to this inspiring podcast here:


About Kirsty Spraggon

Kirsty Spraggon is an international speaker, author & entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. She is the Executive Producer & Host of KirstyTV, a talk show where people share their personal stories, the lessons, struggles and growth they have experienced. The show focuses on sharing inspirational and empowering stories.




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