How To Be A Goddess Training – Dr. Christiane Northrup & Dr. Kelly

How To Be A Goddess Training – Dr. Christiane Northrup & Dr. Kelly

Don't miss my interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup, an OB/GYN and one of Oprah's most influential people of 2017! We talked about the power of our Shakti, What NOT to do when pleasuring ourselves, How to love ourselves, How to use tapping to heal SHAME and PAIN, The truth about our clitoris....and SOOO much more.

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The CURE For Herpes Has Been Found!

As I share this, so many of you will think this is it! All my problems have gone away now that THIS happened.

The truth is, is that many women are just waiting for the cure to “save” them. They spend hours and hours a day searching for the cure online only to find themselves exhausted and depressed.

That’s not to say that there are many “herbalists” who claim that they have the cure.

I have been working with women with herpes and have written an Amazon bestselling book, “Live, Love and Thrive with Herpes: A Holistic Guide for Women” and I have yet to find a legit “cure.”

Many years ago, there was an article written for Pink Tent called “There Is No Cure but Community,” and I really stood by that which is why I initially created Pink Tent as a healing place for women.

Unfortunately, I watch as the years slowly pass by and women are still waiting on the sidelines waiting for their “real life” to begin.

So many women think “the cure” will solve all of their problems.

Listen in to this call today as I share the C.U.R.E., an acronym for getting your life back after a herpes diagnosis.

I don’t have the medical cure, and so far neither do the scientists and researchers.

Please don’t believe the scams online as many of them can be harmful to your health AND your pocket book.

What I will provide in this #TransformationalTuesday is hope so that you can get your LIFE back.

I will give you the C.U.R.E and if you take it to heart, you can fill your heart’s desire for more vibrant health, healing, love and partnership.

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


This Made Me Cry Tears Of Joy

This made me cry tears of joy…
This past week, Sheila invited me to lunch to meet her fiance, Steve.

Just one year ago, I remember working with Sheila while she was on my retreat with a group of women committed to Unleashing Their Feminine Power.

She had just started seeing Steve, and was fearful that she might actually be falling in love.

Now mind you, I met Sheila back in 2015 when it appeared that her whole life was crumbling around her.

Her heart had been broken, her back was in a significant amount of pain, and her doctors couldn’t help her with a condition that she would have for life.

She shared with us how broken she felt.

We worked with Sheila to get her on the path of healing and self-love. In the beginning, she didn’t even think that she was worthy of love.

This summer, I got the news that she and Steve were engaged.

I was so excited for her and I knew she had finally found the love that she so desired.

Last week, she asked me a question that brought me to tears…..

Listen in as I share these two love bird stories.
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What Your Symptoms Are Telling You: Supercharge Your Healing

Hello Beautiful,

Do you have chronic symptoms?

Tried every salve, supplement and prescription, but NOTHING seems to work?

I have been exactly where you are AND have discovered a solution to what ails you.

Especially if it is around your female health and SEX life.

Today’s #TransformationalTuesday Topic is…

What Your Symptoms Are Telling You: And How To Supercharge Healing

-Learn what most women do to try to overcome what ails them and why it doesn’t work.

-Empower yourself with the tools to start becoming your own OB/GYN …

-Discover the 4 Step Process I use that has created truly miracles in my life..

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


Dating Again With More Confidence and Resiliency

Ever heard of Girls Leadership? It’s a nonprofit that is equipping girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice.

I learned something at their “Raising Resilient Girls Workshop” that will increase your Confidence and Resiliency in dating.

In honor of this talk, and a little secret I want to share about my life that I have NEVER shared publically…listen in to today’s #TransformationalTuesday conversation.

  • Learn what 5-year-old girls KNOW and we FORGOT about being confident
  • Discover why you might be hiding behind your gifts and talents
  • Uncover a secret, superpower trick to 10X your CONFIDENCE on your next date

Book your Activate Your Love Blueprint Session with me
email me ( to book your session this Sat. September 21st

I’ll need your

  • name
  • email
  • time zone
  • phone number

Only 5 Spots available to single, successful women who have never worked with me and are ready to date with confidence.

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


Saying Yes To Your Heart’s Desire

When someone asks you what you want in love, do you say that you don’t know? When was the last time you truly thought that love was possible? Do you find yourself compromising for no reason? In today’s #TransformationalTuesday I will be sharing a sacred technique that will help you to

-Tune In to your heart’s desire like never before
-Discover when and how to say NO, so that you stay in tune with your Sacred YES
-Turn your shoulds into coulds and reclaim your feminine power in love and in life

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?


Slow Dating: Finding A Deeper Connection

Over the past few months, I have been pondering the concept of Slow Dating. What do I mean by that? Slow down!!!

The reason so many of you are experiencing dating burnout is that you are going through dates without any game plan.

Your jumping in bed with men you don’t even know and you wonder why you feel like crap afterwards.

If you want commitment and monogomy, then Slow Dating is the way to go!

It’s kind of like the Slow Food revolution that has swept the nation…
-Learn the heartbreaking risks of sleeping with your guy too soon
-Discover why slow dating will set you up for long term success
-Uncover the hidden value of dating more like a queen

If you are burned out on men and feel like you are the dating hamster wheel or you’ve been ghosted or you find that passion is high in the begging and it fizzles…be sure to check out this episode of #TransformationalTuesday

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?



Women, Learn To Love Your Body

Do you have a body part that you are ashamed of or disconnected from? Do you have a body part that leads you to fearful thoughts of a scary diagnosis? Do you sometimes feel like your body has let you down?

I would estimate that most women on the planet can say YES to at least one of these questions.

Ladies, it’s time to learn to love your bodies!

A few weeks ago I challenged the women of Pink Tent to give themselves a daily Gift For The Goddess for 21 days…the catch? This was a gift they would give themselves.

Ideas included flowers, an Epson salt bath, witnessing a beautiful sunrise, meditation etc. This was meant to be a gift that wasn’t part of their daily routine. It needed to be something special.

In challenging women, I was hoping to teach them the practice of receiving and really creating a more luscious, juicy life.

Little did I know how this would teach me to love a body part of mine on a deeper level.

Last week, I bought myself a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses. After they started drooping, I pulled off the petals and floated them in a vase. And my final gift several days later was taking the petals I had saved in the refrigerator and created a Goddess Bath with my daughter, which consisted of rose petals, Epson salts, and rose water. We lit some candles and were transported to another place in a time filled with princesses, a queen and the silliness of a 9-year-old’s imagination.

We placed petals on our faces and told stories. As I laid back and relaxed, I found myself placing rose petals on my breasts. Intuitively, I knew it was a time that I could deeply connect to my femininity and the vulnerability I felt connected to my breasts.

Years ago, I remember finding a lump. I was so scared and even as I doctor, I just wanted to deny it was even there. I felt totally disconnected to my breasts, and every time I thought about it, my mind would immediately focus on the fear of it being breast cancer.

It took me months to finally get up the courage to tell my husband as I promised to get the lump checked.

The good news was that it was just a cyst and breast cysts run in my family.

I did a lot of work on healing them with primrose oil and exploring the impact of caffeine. I also did some healing energy work around fibrocystic breasts.

Years later, I remember breastfeeding my daughter and it definitely helped me to reconnect to my breasts in a more healthy, positive neuro association.

As I placed rose petals on my breast this past week, I realized that there still was some residual fear held in the tissue. In my mind’s eye, I imagined thanking my breasts and telling them I love them. I know the chest is often a place that women will hold onto blocked energy including fear.

This fear can later show up as abnormalities in the tissues of the body.

So, my gift to myself on that day was to love my breasts and my femininity on a deeper level and to let go and surrender even more on that Goddess Bath day. I also had the opportunity to teach my daughter to love her body on a deeper level. I told her that Mommy loves her healthy breasts!

What body part could you love more?

What would you be willing to do to let more love in?

What would you need to believe to love more of your body?

Please share in the comments below. Which body part are you committed to connecting more deeply to in a loving way?

A Goddess Bath

-rose petals

-Epson salts

-rose water

What a gift! You deserve it! Love your body

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Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself

Why is it that we say we want more love, prosperity, and happiness but we can’t seem to receive it? In today’s #TransformationalTuesday I will be talking about the 3 challenges you MUST overcome to create real, lasting change.

I recently read Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself. Being a doctor myself, I geeked out on the neurology and neurobiology, but most importantly….I had so many insights into how I can help women rewrite their love stories.

If your love life is feeling like groundhog’s day, then this is a #TransformationalTuesday you will want to listen to.

What does it take to break the habit?

In a nutshell, you will need to rewire your brain for success in love and partnership.

The good news is that it can be done!

In today’s conversation…

-Learn more about collapsing the gap between your highest potential of love and your current reality

-Discover a simple priming technique I use every morning to re-calibrate my brain to receive more love, happiness, health and prosperity

-Embrace the Irresistible Goddess that lives within you and is ready to break free

You CAN step into a whole new level of possibilities for yourself and your love life if you just listen in…I’ll tell you how.

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?

21 Gifts For The Goddess: A teaching from LUSH

Have you ever been to LUSH? I had an Oprah Winfrey a ha moment in LUSH this weekend with my daughter. I’ll be sharing with you today how their motto and my whole experience with a seashell bath bomb opened up a new world for me and it will for you too. In today’s conversation that will help you own your Inner Goddess, we will be sharing the 21 Gifts Of The Goddess. This has NOTHING to do with LUSH and EVERYTHING to do with LUSH. Know their motto?…I’ll share it with you as it is totally awesome…hint…it’s about LOVE. I just had an ah ha moment this weekend while saying YES to a seashell shaped bath bomb that felt gritty like the sand, shimmered like gold in a basin of water, smelled like the sea and left me hungry for more.

Listen in to today’s #TransformationalTuesday as we discuss…

-Rewiring your brain to enjoy pleasure without feeling guilty

-How to practice the art of receiving, even when you don’t feel worthy of it

-The art of doing nothing and how it can reset your thermostat for love

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Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?