I’m 19 and I Have Herpes

Hi, my name is Alexis. I’m 19 and I have herpes. I’ve had it for a year. Me and this guy were talking, but we were friends with benefits and we did it for the first time and I caught the virus.
I was so upset and angry. I was going through soooooo much pain. My pee was burning and the sores were hurting badly. I went to every doctor and they said it seems like a form of herpes.
Ever since I heard your story, it helps me and I listen to it every day. But everyday I think about the bad choice I made and how I could have made it better by just wearing a condom.:) I just want to say thanks for everything!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Im 19 also and just found out i had the virus, i have only have 2 sexual partners. One was with a condom and one was with my ex. I am scared to find out who gave it to me. I am scared of the fact that i can no longer just have one night stands and i am scared of the fact that when i actually do want a serious relationship again, no one will want me due to the virus…

    • Morgan says:

      I’m young as well… can either of you give me advice… I have the same fears and worries as you. Mine was with a friends with benefit and now I can’t just have sex with a guy i like without making it something extremely serious and telling him about the disease… please help

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