How To Find Your Path To Love

***The Path Of Love can be scary and challenging, but the risks far outweigh the challenges. Just last week I had an amazing journey through Big Basin State park where the redwood trees soar into the sky and capture the oh so sweet sun and sky.

Along the journey, I learned so much about what it takes to create a lifelong love commitment.

In my 5 hour hike in the woods, I was shown THE Path of Love and the keys to manifesting love in your life. I even had a “surprise visitor” on the path.

Listen in on this #transformationaltuesday chat about what you can expect on your path of love and how to overcome your challenges.

As Henry Thoreau wrote, “go confidently in the direction of your dreams!”

If you are still single or not happy in your relationship, it is time for you to recommit to love. In doing so, you will be on THE Path.

It might not look like you thought, but you will arrive at your destination.

Be sure to post in the comments below if you are committed to love by saying “I’m Committed” and then take a baby step today to acknowledge that commitment.

If you don’t have a Relationship Coach, let’s chat!

You can book a FREE Irresistible You session with me and we can take one more step on your journey together. In this session, you will get crystal clear on what you need, how to get it and we’ll create a game plan for you to reach your destination of love.

Not feeling sexy in your body or confident in dating?




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