How Pain Is Motivating Your Procrastination Breaking The Cycle

How Pain Is Motivating Your Procrastination: Breaking The Cycle. What if you started thinking about how painful NOT doing something that needs to or should be done is? When most people are feeling overwhelmed or stopped, they are focusing on the pain of doing what needs to be done instead of the future pain associated with NOT doing it. How much time are you wasting? How does it feel when you fail to get things done? How much mental space is this thing occupying? What is it doing to your self esteem and personal power when you keep on procrastinating? Take the plunge today and ask the question what will happen if I keep procrasting and how is in negatively impacting my life? Then, decide right now to get it done! What decision could you make today to transform your life? You know what it is! Take at least one baby step after listening to this post and reclaim your personal power and get your sh** done!


    • Dr. Kelly says:

      I have gotten to the point that I have been able to rebuild my immunity so that nuts are no longer a problem. My diet consists of lots of veggies and high quality meats and fats. I do have some nuts in my diet, but they are not a staple in my diet. Maybe your body is craving fats, so consider using more coconut oil, MCT oil or avocados. Dr. Mercola has a new book out, Fat For Fuel. I started reading it and so far I am enjoying it. Hope this helps!

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