Hormone Testing For Women With Herpes- Saliva or Serum?

Hormone Testing For Women With Herpes- Saliva or Serum?


Do you seem to get your herpes outbreaks at the same time every month? Or, if you are menopausal, have your outbreaks increased? If so, then it might be an indication that you need hormone testing.

A balanced hormonal system is a key ingredient to managing herpes outbreaks in women. Menopausal women often complain that their herpes symptoms have increased and they can’t figure out why. Other women complain about having outbreaks at the same time every month. What do these clues have in common? Hormones!

In the natural cycle of life, our hormones fluctuate. This is all well and good as long as they stay within normal range. When they move out of what is considered normal, our bodies have a difficult time adjusting and this often produces herpes outbreaks. Most traditional medical practices use blood testing or serum to determine if your hormones are within normal limits. If they aren’t, then the suggested treatment is often hormone replacement therapy or HRT. The problem with this is that the blood tests don’t actually give us a good indication of what is really going on in the body. It gives us a snapshot of what hormones are in the blood, but it does not show us what hormones are bioavailable or available for the body to use.

So, why might your doctor still be using blood tests to assess your hormone levels?

Let me try to explain this in metaphor. Back in the 80’s, yield signs were changed from yellow to red. They kept the same shape sign, but changed the color. Blood tests to assess hormone levels are akin to the old yellow yield signs, but times have changed. Blood or serum tests used to be the best tests our there. Then, saliva testing came out and the rules and treatment changed. So, having hormone testing done using serum is like thinking that yield signs are still yellow when in fact they are red now. Serum testing is antiquated when you can compare it to the more technically advanced saliva testing.

The main reason that saliva is superior to serum hormone testing is that serum measures the levels of hormones that the body can actually use. 95% of steroid hormones measured in blood are bound to proteins and only 5% are not. Those that are bound to proteins are too large to bind to receptors in the body and therefore are not available to the tissues in the body. Hormones bound to proteins are also too large to pass through the cell membrane of the salivary glands. So, when saliva is tested, it is actually the unbound or free hormone that is detected.

Hormone topical supplementation can best be monitored in saliva.

This graph clearly depicts the difference between serum and saliva following percutaneous application of progesterone (a female hormone that often decreases before a woman hits menopause). As you can see, one the progesterone was administered, the serum levels did not change much, but the saliva level changed drastically.

I once had a doctor who tested a woman’s progesterone levels who was receiving HRT. When her symptoms were worsening, her doctor kept increasing her dosage. Low and behold, the saliva hormone test showed progesterone levels 33x what they should have been! She was receiving plenty progesterone, but her body wasn’t able to absorb it. It’s not what is in your blood, it’s what your body can use! Consider getting your hormone levels checked using saliva testing.

With all this said, if you are suffering from regular outbreaks that you think might be caused by an imbalance of hormones, the first thing you need to do is learn more about common triggers and rebuilding your immunity. You can learn all about this in my new online Foundations Course that is now available. This will only be available to our members, so sign up for our virtual community at www.PinkTent.com (Women Supporting Women with Herpes). If you are interested in saliva testing, both www.diagnostechs.com and www.labrix.com are reputable companies.

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