Herpes Seminar- Women’s Cupid Sunday Brunch

Women’s Cupid Sunday Brunch: February 10, 2013  11AM-2PM, Boulder, CO
How are we to love another if we don’t first learn how to love ourselves? Come join us in this special gathering of women, right before Valentine’s Day. A diagnosis of herpes can be a buzz kill to love. It can destroy our self image and confidence in dating and partnership. Bring a dish to pass as we celebrate ourselves and the beauty inside. Dr. Kelly will facilitate a discussion, so that you will leave feeling more supported, connected, informed and more beautiful than ever! Let us help you to bring sexy back! Dr. Kelly will teach you how to:
  • Enter intimacy with integrity and authenticity
  • Reclaim your feminine power and embrace your sexuality
  • Rediscover the self love and nurturing you deserve
Register for this event at (303) 909-3961. It’s free!

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