Herpes Diet: Coconut Flakes vs Coconut Oil

Herpes Diet: Coconut Flakes vs Coconut Oil. So what is the difference between these two foods? Coconut oil is a fat and it is an excellent food for killing off viruses, bacteria and fungus including herpes and candida. It can be taken internally and also used topically for skin conditions. This oil is a great fat to support the #brainhealth and the nervous system. In fact, we used it to help a family member with dementia. As a #healingfood, the oil can be added to your diet daily for increased immunity, brain function and healing. Coconut flakes, on the other hand, come from the meat of the coconut. This part of the coconut is high in arginine, which can be a trigger for the herpes virus. Commercially, sugar is often added to this food, which make it twice as bad for sufferers of frequent herpes outbreaks. If you are having frequent herpes outbreaks, then I would decrease your exposure to coconut flakes.


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