Herpes Can Be Challenging

The Challenge Of Having Herpes

growthAs I sit here and watch my baby girl learn to crawl, I am reminded how difficult growth can be.  From a sitting position, she just fell flat on her face and is trying to figure out how to free herself up and move.  She grunts a few times…I watch as the frustration escalates to a cry.  Do I pick her up and make her comfortable again?  Although this is my initial thought, I hold myself back and decide to lay down beside her and encourage her to move through her challenging position.  As I gaze into her eyes and send love her way, her temperament shifts immediately.  She begins to push her feet away and unwind from a most precarious position.  I watch as she relaxes into what is uncomfortable and uses the energy to fuel her movement forward.  In no time she finds her tummy and is smiling once again.  

Growth is uncomfortable and in that moment I was reminded how I chose to facilitate her rather than pity and accommodate her initial desire to be “righted”.  As adults, we often forget the growing pains of learning how to be in the world.  How to crawl, walk, talk, feed ourselves, dress ourselves and discover how the world works.  The universe does conspire to support our personal growth and development.  Who would we be if we truly believed this to be true?  

I can remember the initial shock of discovering that I had herpes.  I felt like my life was over, that no one would ever love me again.  AND… at the same time I wrote in my journal “I must learn from this and turn this horrible fate into something positive.”  So here I am, 14 years later turning this fate around into something that will help millions of women with herpes heal from the inside out.   There is definitely a learning curve when you are first diagnosed with herpes.  Take this time to learn all that you can and to turn inward.  It is only from deep within that you might be able to see the gifts of herpes.  This might sound strange, but think outside of the box.  Might you learn radical forgiveness and self love?  If so, these teachings will positively affect every area of your life.  

Allow me to join you on your journey of personal growth and transformation.  I will encourage you to push through the pain to learn the gifts on the other side.  Commit to living an extraordinary life.  I will be standing right next to you, encouraging you to take your next steps.  You can learn to live, love, and thrive.

Dr. Kelly

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