Herpes and Sexy Time Guidelines

Sexy Time Guidelines For Those With Herpes


blog-5If you have herpes, what should you do when things get hot and heavy? First and foremost, always tell your potential partner that you have herpes and don’t wait until the fits of passion hit. Here are some things you can do to help decrease your chances of infecting your partner.

  1. Refrain from intimate contact during outbreaks or at the onset of ANY symptoms including slight burning, itching, tingling…
  2. Do not use spermacides, condoms or diaphragm jelly with nonoxydol-9 (N-9). This is an ingredient which irritates the vagina and cervix, causing lesions and it increases the risk of herpes and other STI transmission.
  3. Beware of sexual enhancement gels/lotions because they are high in arginine (an amino acid which can trigger herpes outbreaks)
  4. No IUD’s- these irritate the cervix and can lead to copper toxicity
  5. Urinate after intercourse- this helps to flush residual bacteria, virus and foreign irritants from our internal anatomy
  6. Use a carageenan based gel for lubrication- carageenen is made from seaweeds. Studies show that it kills herpes, HIV, HPV and other STI’s on contact.
  7. Use a protective barrier- condoms, dental dams



  1. AfraidAndAshamed says:

    Dr. Kelly

    I was diagnosed a year ago and finally got the courage to date again. I met a wonderful woman and after a few months I told her about my condition. She tried to be as supportive as possible but it all fell apart. I have noticed that there isn’t much information on how to have a normal sex life for gay or lesbian couples, sort of do’s and don’ts. I knew that going to a normal GP wouldn’t help as they wouldn’t be able to tell us how we could have sex, or be intimate. She was terrified that if she got this that she wouldn’t be able to have children and I of course couldn’t deal with the guilt of possibly giving it to her. How does one pick up the pieces, build yourself up and be confident enough to try and date again? This honestly feels worse than when I first got diagnosed. I am absolutely shattered that my condition has ended possibly the best thing that has happened to me.

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