Healing Herpes- “Women and Herpes” on KGNU 88.5 FM

Healing Herpes- “Women and Herpes” on KGNU 88.5 FM

During an interview on radio show KGNU 88.5 FM and 1390 AM , “Women and Herpes”, I explain how I learned to live and heal from herpes naturally. Take a listen, and comment your thoughts below!



  1. Aldo Shen says:

    I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to find somebody who truly is aware of what they’re speaking about on the internet. You positively know what you are talking about. More individuals need to learn this and understand what Dr. Kelly is saying. You definitely have the gift.

    • Holly Jaine Clark says:

      Ok, I need to know more. Is it common to have two hairs in the blister? I think I have herpes. Is there anything I should use and what do I need to get rid of herpes?

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