Genital Herpes – What is the risk of neonatal herpes?

Genital Herpes – What is the Risk of Neonatal Herpes?

Are you worried about passing on herpes to your unborn child? Watch this video and learn more.

Here are some more facts that I hope you will find comforting.

 –  A recent three year study in Canada (2000–2003) revealed a neonatal HSV incidence of 5.9 per 100,000 live births (.00006%) As you can see, neonatal herpes is extremely rare!

–  80%-90% of neonatal herpes cases are from women who didn’t know they had it.  Therefore, women who know they have herpes can greatly reduce the risk of transmission.

–  Most neonatal herpes is managed effectively with treatment. Some women opt to use suppressive antiviral therapy during week 36 of gestation.

I am happy to say giving birth was the most empowering, miraculous moment of my life. The ability to give birth naturally is truly a gift from God.

Please do not allow the fear of neonatal herpes to consume you. Educate yourself and enjoy your pregnancy. These are magical times…embrace them!


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