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    For the whitlow, if you see a sore definitely keep it covered completely with a bandaid. If you are worried about transmitting it to baby make sure while you have an active sore to use gloves when you change/bathroom the baby. Probably overkill since just covering it up with the bandaid and preventing the skin to skin contact will likely prevent transmission.

    When you dont have an outbreak try to remind yourself that the danger of transmission is minimal. If you feel you are getting several outbreaks then you may want to talk to your doc about staying on the chronic therapy and maybe even increasing the dose depending on how many outbreaks you are getting.

    I have hsv2 and when I was first diagnosed last memorial day I did get 1 finger with whitlow. It has not recurred on my finger since. I do get recurrent outbreaks down south and take suppressive therapy for that reason. From everything I have read whitlow is far less common than the other outbreaks.. so just do everything that you can to not further spread it.. use a body gloves to clean down there when you have an ourbreak so you dont have to physically touch your sore..Once you have the virus its really about damage control and making it a normal part of your life. “I have to do xyz now and thats ok.” If you have a questionable sore just treat it as if it was one to be extra safe.

    I have had the same fear about accidentally transmitting it to my family or friends. Just remember the more you stress the more outbreaks you are likely to get. So you can think of it as part of your treatment or therapy to calm yourself down when you start to panic and freakout. If you feel like you see a sore on the baby then just go get her tested. You don’t need to tell anyone or get anyone permission. Just for your own peace of mind that its nothing. And if it is something is is 100% better to know so that you can contain the issue early.

    Hope this helps a little! I am actually trying to get pregnant with my first child. There are a ton of fears and questions but it will be ok. We have to remember that. Life doesn’t always happen the way we want it but we deserve all the good things in this life including having our family.

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