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    Hello I’m not actually diagnosed yet. Before the lumps appeared around my genitals and anus obviously with the high temp (39^) shivering and aching I assumed it was covid and ordered a test slowing the diagnosis down.

    As you guys will know I’m in a great deal of pain. Untill I learn what triggers these out breaks I can expect to have them regularly I guess. I work a minimum wage job with people with learning disabilities and brain injuries and I love it but to pay my mortgage sometimes I need to work 60 hours a week. Also my boss will not be sympathetic without a reason for my sickness without a reason and I will have to tell him. I could not imagine going to work in this pain I can barely get out of bed. If I manage to get back to work by Thursday (which is 4 days away, still waiting for that covid test to arrive and hoping the pain will ease) I will of already lost nearly £400. I can’t do this on the regular I have a tenenant but no one is supporting me.

    How often do you have to go sick?
    Have you told your employers?
    How did they take it?

    Thank you in advance. I have been up all night reading your forum and Dr Kelly’s blogs it has helped so much in a really lonely time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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