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    Hello Everyone,

    I was given the HSV2 diagnose in April of 2018. My word collapsed and right now I’m struggling with my sexual health. I have been having outbreaks with sores every other month since diagnose. Currently no sores for the past 4 months. This year starting in February I noticed an excessive white cloudy discharge which consistency changed from watery to creamy, but the amount is often times excessive. It causes burning, itching and emotionally I’m so upset. I looked down almost daily and it feels terrible. What upsets me the most is that I went to 5 different Gyno, 4 of them said that the discharge is due to bacteria. However, all 3 tests for BV came back as negative. They gave me antibiotic and it made things worse. Two of the Gyno are holistic, and one of them said it was Herpes. The itching has decreased a lot. There is no smell – there was never a smell. I have been taking valacyclovir 500 mg daily, lysine supplements and mushroom tincture. No sores for the past 4 months. Definitely progress since doing the natural stuff. However, the discharge still here. I did 2 cycles of Boric acid 7 days then vaginal probiotic – the itching and irritating burning decreased from 10 to 2. But the discharge does not go away… I’m so frustrated. I have been doing things to increase my immune system. I’m now consulting with a doctor in India for homeopathy medication. I’m desperate to feel normal. I’m okay at this point dealing with outbreaks on occasion. However, I need this discharge and daily itching to go away. I just need a relieve to feel normal again. Have anyone experienced the discharge on the daily basis without sore? What about the itching with no sores. If so, what have you done? I read Dr. Kelly’s book and I’m also looking for a place to do the toxicity test using my hair. I’m all hands on deck. Thank you in advance for reading and for your reply.


    I would love to know the answer to your questions. I also suffer from discharge. Mine tends to have a slight odor, nothing as bad as when I’ve had BV but noticeable and it sometimes gets worse after sex. I started suppressive therapy with with antivirals a month ago but still experiencing the discharge and some minor symptoms. I use boric acid inserts from time to time and that helps but doesn’t stop it. I’ve been treated for BV and it still persists. I’m unsure where to turn because I can’t a ready solution.


    No real answers here but I feel your frustration. Mine had that discharge during my first ever outbreaks. Was DX with BV put on the same mess but mine went away. So I’m sorry your not finding relief as fast. Keep us posted with updates


    I also have the same issue. I was treated for BV twice this year, and seem to still be having the same discharge every few months. It’s not as bad as the first time I had BV, but is still noticeable and irritating. Anyone have any advice? Do you have to get tested for BV each time you ask for medicine again?


    If it helps any I was just diagnosed this year and what’s somewhat helping me I’ve had two out breaks since I’ve been diagnosed I didn’t know the second one was an outbreak, hell even my doctors said they didn’t know. when I have a bath at night I put salt in it which helps and sit in it for atleast 10mins but I’ve also just started taking L-lysine this past week. I’ve just been googling and googling, I’ll happily try anything anyone recommends

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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