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    I just recently was diagnosed with HSV-2 a few months ago. My first outbreak was horrible because apparently I had a UTI at the same time so that was nottt my best few weeks!! I have decided to just take meds when I get outbreaks, because I’d rather not take a drug consistently until I know how often the outbreaks come. However, I have a boyfriend of two years (he actually gave it to me from a cold sore) and I really want to make sure I am very in tune with when I first start experiencing symptoms so that I can take my pills and make sure I do my best not to infect him.

    The first outbreak, it started out with pain when I peed, and then I noticed the sores and those hurt very badly. However, I did also have a UTI at the same time, so it’s hard to sort out which pain was from what (in regards to the pain when I peed). The second outbreak, it started feeling a bit painful or different to pee again so I immediately took my pills. Now, the past few days it has felt almost like I have a little tickle sometimes, but I can’t tell if I’m just overthinking it or something. So I haven’t taken the pills because I don’t know if this is really an outbreak or not.

    I’m just wondering, do your symptoms stay fairly consistent? How do you tell when you’re getting an outbreak? And have any of you successfully been with your partner and have felt safe about being physical, without taking the pill for it every day?

    Thanks so much 🙂

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