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    I was diagnosed with HSV1 genital a little over two years ago. I have not had another outbreak since my initial outbreak. I went on suppressive therapy (valcyclovor 500mg) daily but the last few months I haven’t been taking it really. I haven’t had any symptoms that I know of. Im thinking of getting a Brazilian wax because shaving just makes me very irritated. I was wondering if people could offer any feedback/advice, I’m worried getting a wax will cause an outbreak but I would love to hear other people’s experience with waxing or sugaring !


    Hey there! I was diagnosed about 2.5 months ago after having my first outbreak. I had never had fever blisters and started getting them at the beginning of the year when I started dating my new partner. Shortly after the genital blisters appeared and I knew there was more to it. I did a ton of research about HSV and friends of mine told me about Lysine. I have been taking Lysine everyday and it has kept the outbreaks at bay. Around my period I have some tingling and I’ve had one fever blister since the initial diagnosis. As for waxing, I also read up about it and decided to give it a go. The article suggested informing the beautician, but if there are no blisters and she wears gloves, I don’t feel it is necessary to bring up the uncomfortable topic. I have had 2 successful Brazilian waxes with no problems. I would say just ensure that there are no warning tingles and no blisters and you should be fine. Hope that helps! 🙂


    Hello. I’ve had several waxwings and have not had any problems. They always wear gloves and I never go if I feel any symptoms coming.

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