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    I am 35 years old and never have had intercourse. I could not marry because of job and problems at home. However at the age of 32 I met someone with whom I became close after 1 year of dating.

    We did not go to bed but trust each other in such a way that it was enough for me to get herpes. That changed my life and after that I dumped the idea of getting married or getting into any type of relationship. I practiced celibacy like before knowing that person who gave me herpes.

    Since it has been 3 years and I am recovering. My psychologist told me that person was a narcissistic personality disorder. a very abusive relationship it was which ended up when I mustard up courage to quit. For two long years it was a long distance relationship and I kept you waiting for nothing.

    Now that I have got rid of that abusive relationship, I want to start my life I want to start a relationship and get married.

    But I feel transmitting herpes to my spouse to be. I am too much reluctant in getting married and I think that herpes causes some infertility issues. Having children is my prime target in life now. If this is the case that the person who has herpes cant have kids then I should not marry and continue with this celibate life. Please help me in in addressing the issue I want it to know that should I marry and can I have children.

    I am from a very conservative society and since the society is religious and I cannot share things with within my society, I plan to relocate, move abroad. I wish you could believe my story that I never have had sex and this accident which not even could be said as anything that bad happened as per my religion cost me too much.

    Can I marry can I have kids I am a male 35 years old.

    Please help anyone.


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