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    To make an extremely long story short, I had unprotected oral sex with a man last weekend. He was a very “enthusiastic” partner, and was a bit rough with me, both with his mouth and fingers. I was sore for a couple days with what I thought was friction burns, until some ulcerated place it showed up on my inner labia and in my groin. I went to urgent care and explain to the nurse practitioner what happened, and she did a urine culture for chlamydia, gonorrhea, UTI, and trich, all negative. Still waiting for the HSV blood results.

    This was on Wednesday. I noticed today that these ulcerated places are starting to heal, but I have new places popping up. Sort of in the perianal area, but off to the side. Couple of raised spots with what appears to be a few tiny blisters in them.

    My question is, if this is indeed herpes, can these blisters keep popping up randomly days after the first ones showed up?

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