Waiting for my diagnosis BUT could I have passed it on already?

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    I am waiting on my diagnosis (both oral and down there)

    My symptoms are mostly all oral (I had some discharge and very mild itching burning down there but nothing else) orally however I have sores coming through, red/bruised lips, burning and a white/yellow tongue.

    Anyway. Time for my “worst luck” story.

    About 6 months ago I came out of a very unhappy 8 year relationship. I didn’t think I’d find anyone who ticked all the boxes, treated me like a princess, made me believe in that “once in a lifetime” love but I did. We are very new but we’ve known each other for quite some time. Anyway. I had a one night stand in between breaking up with my ex and meeting my person🥺 I’m pretty sure that’s where if I have it, I got it from. He denies any symptoms or knowing.

    Me and my new man have kissed lots (before my mouth symptoms) and I have given him oral. I did not have any sores or anything at the time. I have since refrained from sex because I’ve been worrying I have it so I’m thankful I’ve done that. But I am worried I may have passed it to him before the signs showed up? Is that likely?

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