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    Hey guys, I’m new to this forum. I am going to explain some back story so you can kind of understand my situation as best as you can. About 10/11 years ago i developed sores down there. They were on the outside of my labias. VERY painful. When i was first examined i was immediately told i had herpes. (No tests were done this was just diagnosed visually) This was by my gyno. The medication she prescribed me wasn’t working so i went to the hospital because i was in unbearable pain. After a bunch of tests including a swab, my results were that i had shingles. At the time i was only 19/20 years old so i was a very rare case. After proper medication it cleared up. Fast forward to the present and i have developed sores again, not in the exact same area but very similar sores. I went to the hospital and upon observance i was again told i had hsv 2. Within the ten years between my shingles and now i have always gotten std testing at every annual gyno appointment. This was always done through blood tests and the normal swab that they do. I never once got a positive or abnormal test result. Now, i am shocked, scared, and just dont understand. The doctor from the hospital this time said that they probably misdiagnosed me last time because shingles and hsv 2 are in the same family. I was swabbed again and i am waiting on those results. Has anyone been tested negative with all their blood tests but still had herpes? Is that actually even possible? Why would the blood tests not be accurate enough and be able to give false negatives? I just have never heard of it before. Im at a loss for words and dont really know what to expect as i wait for my swab results.


    Im actually in the same boat I developed a bump after having protected sex doctors suspected it might be herpes did a viral swab came back negative but after researching I needed more clarification so after 3 months I tested negative at 8 months still testing negative and now its been a year and Im still negative with no antivirals but still getting one bump on each side of my labia minora every other month so Im a bit confused


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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