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    My 28 year old daughter just told me that she has hvs1 for the last 4 years. She had a swab ttest done days after 1st signs, that came back positive. 6 months later 1st blood test was negative, 1 year later 2nd blood test negative. My daughter also has psoriasis and was having an outbreak at the same time. She has gone 2 years without any signs. At the end of September she had an IBS bout which is linked to her psoriasis and then had a outbreak of rash, which could be genital psoriasis…so how do we know if she really has hvs1…I suggested another blood test with my dr. Does anyone have a suggestion. Internet is confusing with conflicting information.
    Thanks to you all!



    Hi, Jamajofe!

    It sounds like your daughter has really gone through it. It must be difficult to see her in pain like she is.

    HSV is tricky because it can show as a false negative in many people from time to time. However, once someone has it, they have it for life. Swab testing is the most accurate way to determine if the antibodies are present. So, if the swab test she had 4 years ago was positive, I would say she does, in fact, have HSV1. That all said, it is medically harmless. The next time she has an outbreak, suggest she go to the doctor right away to get it swab tested again if what you are determining is if the rash is from her HSV or psoriasis.

    Dr. Kelly, the founder of Pink Tent would be a great resource for you and your daughter to ask more in-depth questions and to determine effective ways to decrease symptoms and boost her immune system. Reach out to her. She is a wealth of knowledge.

    I hope your daughter starts feeling better and that you both find deep peace!



    Thank you so much happyhopeful for responding, my daughter has not had an outbreak in 2 years. I am having her see my dr. On Friday and getting another blood test done. This is so out of my realm of knowledge, and the internet has confusing information. This is killing her emotionally, because she met someone and he ended the relationship when she told him. I just want and need her to be 100% sure if she has it or not. Again thank you so much for responding. How do I contact Dr. Kelly?

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